🚀 RapidWeaver 8.3 is now Available!

Wow thanks I will try this would I need to get any new ones yet?

I don’t think you have to get any new ones unless you need/want anything.

Thanks for that, I might have to look for some new ones, my site is based on some 10 year old stuff and my memory is slipping on how and where to find things but its fun trying. hehe

Definite Bug with “TEXT” Stack for Line Spacing

I choose “Custom” for Line Spacing and nothing appears that allows me to change the actual Line Spacing.

I think this capability got lost.

Is working on my side.

That would be a stacks issue, I don’t use styled text, but I did try it and when I first open up the text and select custom, nothing happened. If I leave custom and press the checkmark, and reopen the text Line-height option is there.

tagging @isaiah

oooo, thx so much teefers, I didn’t experiment with this. I’ll play with

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