RapidWeaver 8 crashing on project file load

Hello fellow RapidWeaver users… I have recently encountered an issue where all of my project files are crashing RapidWeaver 8.3 when I try to open them… This started after the previous update to both RapidWeaver and stacks… Not sure after which one specifically as I did them at the same time… I can attach the crash report from my Mac if that would help, but I am at a loss for understanding how all of my project files will not load now…

Thank you for any assistance and suggestions.


I think I’d recommend contacting support for this one.

You should include the complete copy/pasted text from the crash report if one is presented to after the crash occurs.

And also the project and addons. Here’s how to collect and share them with support:

And here is where to send them:

I rarely use the update method for RW (is there an update function 8.3?) since having one bad experience. I always try the direct download and install, then restart the computer so it does some automatic cleanup - at least that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!
Otherwise, I did the RW8.3 and stacks 4 at virtually the same time.
I still see some hesitance in applying changes to some stacks as happened in the past, but have grown to accept it. I also just had my first crash, while trying to create a folder group for some stacks but perhaps I was ham-fisted while typing…
Nothing major like yours.
I did see a warning about the image plus stack not being compatible with the new stacks and replaced it with another, so perhaps there are yet some older stacks still needing to be identified as incompatible?
Good luck, I would try a direct download and reinstall if you did it differently.

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