🎉 RapidWeaver 8.7 Available with support for macOS Big Sur

Morning Weavers!

We didn’t know exactly when Apple was going to release Big Sur, but we’re pleased to announce that we’ve updated RapidWeaver 8 to run great on the new system and it’s available today!

As well as adding compatibility for Big Sur, we also managed to squeeze in a few fixes and enhancements. Continue reading for a full list of changes in RapidWeaver 8.7.

What’s New?

  • Added support for macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Site Language is now set correctly by default
  • Fixed an issue where Adding remote resource URL to Override Site Banner section caused a crash
  • Fixes an issues where sometimes photos in portratiate orientaion were not being uploaded
  • Fixed an issue with Keychain and Forklift
  • Removes all internal uses of WebKit
  • Various other fixes and improvements

For more information and older versions of RapidWeaver you can view the Release Notes history here.

RapidWeaver 8 runs great on everything from Mac OS 10.12, right through to macOS 11. However, for the best experience we recommend using macOS 11.

This is a recommend update for all RapidWeaver users.


RapidWeaver 8.7 is a free update for existing users and is available as an in-app update or via the Mac App Store and Setapp.

Happy Weaving!


Hello Dan,

This is absolutely wonderful news! There are a few applications on my mac that I cannot live without - RapidWeaver is one of them. To know that you guys are always supporting your product is the reason why I have been an active Rapidweaver user for over 12 years. Keep up the good work and I will proceed with my Big Sur update.


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I tried to download this new release having already RapidWeaver 8.6.2 but instead of getting it as a free update the download engine ask me $69 being identified abroad, as I am actually. How should I process to get this free update?
Best regards

You should be able to download it from here https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/releasenotes/

Thank you Neil, I downloaded a copy for safety but also few hours earlier I got the message for updating when I launched RapidWeaver. So every thing ok, wasn’t the case yesterday.

There is a big problem with the RW 8.7 preview and stacks. Changes of parameters in stacks are not shown in the preview - not even in the Safari preview with cmd-p (only with clear cache). At first I wasn’t sure if the problem was caused by Stacks 4.1, but on my backup drive RW 8.6.2 works fine with Stacks 4.1. Unfortunately I accidentally installed the RW 8.7 version via update, so my 8.6.2 version was overwritten. How can I reinstall this version. A simple copy from my backup drive does not work. I think there are new rescorces installed which are responsible for the error.

See above

Thanks Janis, but the RW 8.x link is also connected to the RW 8.7 Version !!!

i have found and installed the RW 8.6.2 under the support post. Unfortunately without success. No preview of changes in the Stacks settings in the RW Preview or in the Safari Preview. Only possibility to publish the page. Then the changes are displayed. On my backup with RW 8.6.2 which is only a few days old everything works fine.

@WDA - can you share a copy of this project so I can check it out. I’d like to understand what’s going on here.

But I’m a bit confused about your post. Are you saying that one version of RW 8.6.2 works differently than another – with the same version of Stack in both?

That would really be something. I suspect there is something else going on here too. You should probably a share a copy of the addons folder both from the working setup and the broken setup.

Here’s how to share your addons folder state so that we can see exactly what you’re seeing.

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Great work thanks!

Can we get an update to the dock icon to match Big Sur aesthetics please?

The RW8 icon is the only one permanently in my dock that looks out of place after the update :sunglasses:

The error is now fixed. It was a problem caused by the theme. Thanks.

ARM or x86?

Getting the same issue - which theme and how did you fix it?

@Peter RapidWeaver 9 will have a new icon to match Big Sur, in the meantime check out macosicons.com

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Neat trick, thanks!

I updated to Big Sur and downloaded 8.7 on the big day. Since then I have had quite a few crashes and learned to save non-stop. But I’m enjoying myself and Rapid Weaver! I sent the crash reports to Apple.

Thanks for the update! I’ve noticed something, possibly not related to the update but I’ve not noticed it until recently:

When you resize the main Rapidweaver window and then close the document, then reopen a document, the window will be the same size as it was when you closed the document. However, this only happens if you manually resize the window with the cursor by clicking and dragging the edges of the window. If you use the Green + button (top left corner of the window, option-click on it) to Zoom the window to fill the screen then close the document, when you reopen it’s not full screen as you had left it, but the size it was before you zoomed it.

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