RapidWeaver 8.7 20860 build (macOS 11.2 beta)

I have Big Sur installed in my MAC, all was working two days ago.
Since then, I now have 11.2 Beta 20D5042d and a Stacks update, now I cannot open any sites or even create a new site just to test.
The links do not run, even if I try to run from the actual folder that contains the site, RapidWeaver does not run. The icon fades slightly as normal but that is it. After a minute or two in Applications the message RapidWeaver (not responding).
I have installed Rapidweaver again after uninstalling the old version assuming maybe it is corrupt but after entering the activation code, just the same.
Is the issue with the version of BigSur or the updated Stacks?
Thank you for yout time.

Try holding down the “option key” when you launch RW will allow you to disable all third party addons. If RapidWeaver launches okay you know it’s an addon issue.

You can then start the process of removing them one by one until RapidWeaver launches.

However, RapidWeaver 8.7.x runs great on Big Sur, it might be that the 11.2 beta you’re running has broken something. I’m guess the issue could be there…

Anyone else out there running the macOS 11.2 beta?

Thank you for getting back to me.
I have tried as suggested and come to the conclusion it is the OS update and have informed Apple.
I await the outcome.

Best regards and keep safe,

Usually in cases where a new beta version breaks something, no matter if the beta is a plug-in, an app, or the OS there are only two solutions:

  1. Wait for the next version.
  2. Stop using the beta.

I wish I had something better to recommend. I know that neither of those is much of a “solution” at all. But pragmatically, if you need to get back to work, then I’d reccommend downgrading or restoring from a recent backup.

RapidWeaver and Stacks run well in the release version of Big Sur (which is currently 11.1 as of Jan 15th).


I thought that might be the answer.
I have contacted Apple via the feedback assistant and anupdate is imminent.
Thank you again for your prompt response.

Apple are kicking their heels and no update as yet so I downgraded to Big Sur 11.1 and all is working again.
Keep safe out there.

Big Sur Beta 20D5042d appears stable.
downloaded 17/01/2021

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fwiw, i’ve been running rapidweaver thru all the betas (since big sur’s official release) without issue (but not using stacks, or any other 3rd-party addons, except one custom theme).

Undo crashing again on Big Sur 11.2

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