Upgrading with RapidWeaver 8 compatible with macOSBigSur

Could do please help me… I can’t use/edit my sites anymore…
I’ve created in the past 4 sites with RapidWeaver 4 upgraded to 5.
Changing computer for a MacBookAir I’had to upgraded first to RapidWeaver 7. I could see only the first pages with some title of my sites.
I’ve just upgraded to RapidWeaver 8 as I use macOSBigSur. When I open the sites I see only the title of the various pages without any contents and photos.
I don’t know what to do… Thanks in advance for your answer

Hi Fanou,

After updating to RW8, did you check to see if you have any stacks that need to be updated?

Hi Pyrobrit,
Thanks for your anwer. I don’t use stacks and don’t even know what is it…
I have to say I use RapidWeaver in the past for its easy to use and simple way, as I know only basic staffs with computer…

Did you ever get this fixed with RapidWeaver 7? RW5 to RW7 was quite a big jump and required some special steps. If the projects didn’t work on RW7 upgrading to RW8 would just make things worse.

Have you tried just starting a new project with RW8? Does everything function okay with a brand new project?

A lot has changed in the years since RW4/RW5 were used. Neither supported responsive websites and most of the sites published with themes from that era wouldn’t do well in today’s World Wide Web.

If the sites you are wanting to support are still available online you’d probably be better off picking a new RapidWeaver 8 theme and just copying and pasting from the old site.

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One thing’s for certain: it’s not a Big Sur or Rapidweaver 8 problem. RW8 runs very well on Big Sur.

Hello Doug and thanks for your useful feedback.

As you probably understood I’m not a computer expert at all…

No, I didn’t manage to fix the issue on RW 7 before RW8, didn’t know what to do…

RW without any updates was however working still recently on my previous computer MacBookPro OS Catalina version 10.15.6.
So, you’re probably right about the fact that RW4/5 don’t support those changes.

Questions : Yes my sites are available online, but is it possible to just copy and paste text and photos although the copyright ?
Or can I go to the host giving access to my sites online to find the pages to copy and paste ?
My 4 sites were a lot of work…

Looking forward your answer, thanks in advance,

You should be able to copy and paste from the live site without any problem. If you do have problems there is also an called SiteSucker that will grab and download everything.

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Thanks for the info Doug.
Could you confirm that I would have to start a new Rapid Weaver project, instead of using my previous sites containing only title?
Thanks for your patience answering such basic questions for you I imagine.
Best wishes, françoise

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