RapidWeaver 8.8 export files issues

I updated to RW8.8 today and I am getting missing files on export. I have stacks that load certain assets (css files). They are not getting copied into the rw_common/plugin/stacks directory when previewing my pages.

When I downgrade to RW 8.7, everything works.

This may be related to FormLoom 4 Publishing Issue

Hey @joeworkman, can you give us a project file that shows the issue? Will be much faster for us to track down and push out a fix.

Has anyone seen other reports of this?

I’ve been updating the Realmac Site a bunch today with 8.8 and haven’t seen any issues.


P.S. @joeworkman are you getting my emails? I sent you some over the past few weeks with no replay :frowning:

Super easy to replicate.

  1. New project with F6. Add Site Styles.
  2. Add Font Awesome stack via the Features child menu.
  3. Preview in browser and look in the inspector. All is good. No errors.
  4. Add the Animate.css stack from the Features child menu.
  5. Preview in the browser and see that the animate.css library is a 404. The CSS file for the library is not getting published.
  6. If you repeat these steps but add Animate.css first, you will see that the FA4 css file is not published. Therefore, first library works but subsequent ones are not published.

I have been taking some time off and have been waaaay behind on email. I will go check and get back to you today.

Thanks for the steps, spoken with @tpbradley just now and we’ll get a fix out tomorrow (Friday)!

No worries, I know how it is… I was starting to think you’d been hit by the Rona!

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@joeworkman Good news, RapidWeaver 8.8.1 is now available and should fix the export issues you were seeing…

Let us know how it goes!


@dan @tpbradley

this is just a heads up, i’ve had two unrelated customers have the exact same issue that i’ve never seen before these two.

here’s what it looks like:

The user gets repeated requests to update, but the update fails to install. The next launch they get another request to update.

I had the first user that had the problem open the RW add-ons folder and check inside. They said it was a mess of duplicates of all of their plug-ins.

I have a feeling the RW plug-in updater is going off the rails in some weird condition. Unfortunately I don’t know what the condition is. If I get any more info about this from users I’ll post it here.

But I thought in posting maybe other plug-in developers might have seen something similar too – and maybe had more info about what’s triggering the bug.

If there’s any other info that you’d like me to specifically gather from these users I’m happy to ask them.

Wait… I did get a reply from the first user that had the issue. Here’s a screenshot of what was inside their addons folder.