Something missing {Solved}

Long story short…
Computer problems, only partial backup.
Reload Catalina from scratch - 10.15.7 recovered rw8 file from external hard drive, but nothing else useful.
Meantime files on server recovered by server backup using cPanel, but no rw8 file as stupidly didn’t upload it.
Website running again (such as it was) from the server backups.
Running Rapidweaver 8.7 having put all the files downloaded from the server in a folder along with the rw8 file, works fine except for a videos page.
This says it’s missing some stacks.
No idea which ones.

I have downloaded and installed the YourHead -
Stack 4

But it still says there’s something missing.
Is there any way of finding out what?
It’s only a video page that’s the problem.

I’ve taken a screenshot of the page but no idea how to upload images.
Site/page is:

All help much appreciated.

P.S. Screenshot

It is the media2 stack:

Well that looks useful, but don’t remember buying it.
And can’t find an email with the serial number in it.
Only the ones as above.

Perhaps you bought the bundle from Yuzool.

Not bought anything from Yuzool.
But I’m wondering why… Maybe it was a free something, that’s why I haven’t got a receipt email.

Think you might be right.
Using Firefox’s ‘view page source’ option, I find this:
<meta class="stacks4 stack version" id="com.yuzoolthemes.stacks.media2items" name="Media 2 Items" content="2.0">

Though why I haven’t got an email receipt I have no idea.

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Yes, success.
Re-bought the Media2 and all is well.
Thank you for all your help.

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