Rapidweaver 8.9.3 crashes as soon as stacks loaded

The crash report says ‘RapidWeaver 8(1458,0x70000b34b000) malloc: Heap corruption detected, free list is damaged at 0x60000aab09c0
*** Incorrect guard value: 152559435231129873’

Yesterday I installed the latest update to the Foundation 6 theme and associated stacks. Next time I opened a Foundation 6-based project, it crashed. I tried opening the Email Stacks demo file and that crashed too. When I opened the Email Stacks demo file today, it didn’t crash. However, when I tried the other Foundation 6 project, it did, although another Foundation 6 project didn’t cause it to crash. I should explain that if I close the file which it attempts to reopen after a crash before it has finished loading the stacks, this prevents it from crashing.

Next time I started, it crashed opening the same Foundation 1 project which hadn’t caused it to crash before.

I’ve tried trashing the preferences file without success.

Can anyone advise?

OK, I solved this but not in a way which makes much sense to me. I followed the suggested procedure and took one page out at a time until a copy of the main file I was having a problem with stopped crashing. I then opened what appeared to be the problem page on its own and it didn’t crash either, so neither the problem page nor the rest of the project seemed to be the problem. I then added back the supposed problem page and the restored project didn’t crash.

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