RapidWeaver 8.9 broken preview - UPDATE: Fixed in 8.9.1 :)

Hey everyone! Just got the heads up about this thread from @LaPan as I was out of the office for several hours when this started popping up.

I loaded up RapidWeaver v8.9 here on my Catalina based machine and did some testing. I started a new project and loaded an existing project and had no troubles whatsoever in previewing the page(s), as well as viewing them in the RW simulator windows.

So I switched to a laptop running Big Sur and did the same – updated to RapidWeaver v8.9, then started a new project as well as loaded an existing project. Things continued to work as expected on this machine as well in both preview and simulator views.

To help @dan and @tpbradley out in testing the problem it would probably be good to supply some project files that are failing to work properly within RapidWeaver 8.9. If a few people can share a download link to their project file that is causing this unexpected behavior it would help. Create a ZIP file containing your project file and then use WeTransfer to create a download link for that ZIP file. You can then share that link here in this thread.

Addendum – to be clear I tested this with both HTML and PHP based pages, and loaded a bit of PHP on the page, too.


Oh no, sorry to hear some of you are having issues previewing on 8.9

There must be some edge case we missed that’s causing this :frowning: Hopefully we can work out what it is and get a fix out shortly. In the meantime you can rollback to the previous version, 8.8.3 from the release notes page.

As @Elixir said - Please let us know what system you’re running on, ie. macOS version + hardware, and a test project that exhibits the behaviour would also be good.

You post it here or email it to: dan@realmacsoftware.com

As soon as we know what the issue is, we’ll get it fixed up and shipped ASAP!


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Same for me - 8.9 works fine on my iMac running macOS 11.4.

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I cannot replicate this in Foundation (v1 & v6). Can someone share a project file that does this?

I’ve already gone back to 8.8.3. Otherwise, I’d share a project.
8.8.3 working fine, btw.

This is exactly what I am seeing. I am dead in the water.

RW people need to get on this NOW!

How did you do this, Andy.

Hi all, sorry can not supply you with the project as I went back to V8.7.
my info. that might help you are:
MacOS Mojave V10.14.6.

Hi there @notimeflat

Please see this post, above where @dan, the Realmac Software owner, gives you a way to revert to a previous version of RapidWeaver, as well as requests a copy of your project file so that he can work on getting the problem fixed:

If you’re having trouble previewing could you confirm what system you’re running on?
In my testing it’s working on Big Sur and Monterey…

I’m wondering if it’s 10.13.6 or below issue.

UPDATE: okay I’ve heard from two customers now, both were on 10.13.6 - So I think that might be the issue…

I see the issue an older Mojave (10.14.6) test MBP.

I’m having the same problem. Granted I’m using an antique MacBook Air running 10.12.6 (slated to be replaced later this year).

Yep, broken for me. Updated then no preview or preview in browser. Dragged App to the Trash, dragged App from a Time Machine backup yesterday back to Apps - All working again. (10.14.6).

Same thing here. No more preview. First time ever I have issues with RW.
I’m running OS 10.13.6 on an iMac 2010.

I reinstalled RW 8.8.3. Everything works again.


We’ve identified the issue, and are working on a fix as we speak. 8.9.1 Should be out later today.

Sorry about this and thanks for your continued support.

Happy Weaving!


Try this.

In edit mode, at the top of the page, add a basic HTML stack.

Paste the following code into the stack…


error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);
ini_set('display_errors' , 1);


Now look in. preview to see if any errors are shown.

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@dan Thank you!

Hi ya’ll,

Good News! RapidWeaver 8.9.1 is now available (direct version), this should fix the issue for those of you that are having issues previewing in RapidWeaver. Mac App Store and Setapp version will be available as soon as they are approved.

Check for update or grab the version directly from our release notes page:

This means RapidWeaver works on everything from Mac OS 10.12 right though to macOS Monterey. It’s also a universal app for Intel and Apple M1. Pretty cool, hey?!

Keep on Weaving!



@dan something wrong with Monterey. The latest update blocked Preview on Monterey. v8.9 working but v8.9.1 doesn’t work. :man_shrugging:

Edit: Another thing is app is crashing when I try to choose File/Open.
Notes: My files are under iCloud Drive.

Attached crash report;

Very odd, are you running the Public Beta of Monterey?

We’ve looked at the crash report and it appears Stacks is causing the crash (I think)… Please remember Monterey is a beta so things are likely to be funky… As far as I know Stacks is working fine on Monterey… so I’m not sure what’s going on…

Anyone else having issues with 8.9.1 on Monterey?

Oh and does Preview work if you start a new project in 8.9.1?