RapidWeaver 8 — Available Now!

(Basil) #25

I feel stupid, never learned 7 but now I have all the time to learn 8! Congrats - lots of work Im sure. Love apps just for Macs. Hope to learn now. Any books except for the one I already bought think it was for 5.

(Simon Maddox) #26

Hey TG, me again. We’ve received your project file (thanks for that!), but we don’t have some of the addons you’re using.

Could you export your addons directory and share that with @dan too please?

In RapidWeaver -> Preferences, go to Addons and click “Export Addons Directory”. You’ll be able to save a zipped up version of your entire addons folder this way.
It might take a little while depending on how many addons you have installed.

If you want to do it yourself, you can go to RapidWeaver -> Reveal Addons Folder, and zip that folder up instead.

Thank you!

(Lutz Cleffmann) #27

Have you already brexited or why is there no possibility to insert a VAT-ID when purchasing an update?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #28

You are able to do this in the Paddle Checkout screen:

(Lutz Cleffmann) #29

Thank you. Glad to see that UK is still part of the EU. :wink:

(Dan) #30

Me too, if I had it my way we’d never leave!

(Ben) #31

At the top of the window, there is no icon now. So, we do not know if the document is saved or not. It’s annoying. Would it be possible to restore this function?

(tomas nittner) #32

great update, rw8, thanks mates!

(Marc Vos) #33

Great update! Great work!

(max) #34

Congratulations to Team!

Is the RW8 compatible with Foundation?
or is it better to focus on a more recent program as Foundry?

(Dan) #35

RapidWeaver 8 is compatible with both Foundation and Foundry and both are great solutions — Happy Weaving!

(Joe Workman) #36

Foundation is fully RapidWeaver 8 compatible. I made sure that everything was compatible months ago. So far I have had zero issues from RapidWeaver 8 users. My new website will be launched at WSC2018 in a few weeks. Its built 100% with Foundation and RapidWeaver 8. :sunglasses:

(max) #37

The latest version of Foundation created is version 1.7.16.
Do you think a new update will be out soon?

(Joe Workman) #38

I have been working on Foundation v1.8 for a while. It will be the last 1.x release before 2.0, which will come after Stacks 4. Just to stress, the current version of Foundation for RapidWeaver is solid. There isn’t much that you cannot do with it. It provides a robust foundation (pun intended) for you to build any site.

Let’s not get this thread off track though… RapidWeaver 8 is amazeballs!

(Louis Schwitzer) #39

Have had multi-user license for years and then Apple App store. No multi user option for v8?

(Dan) #40

You can just purchase the direct version from us if everyone is in the same household, then that’s fine :slight_smile:

If you need something more for business or education drop us an email.


(Louis Schwitzer) #41


I have two laptops and three computers spread over two states and and the UK.

Back in the day we could have our main computer and a laptop on one license.

So since I was a developer many years ago in the days of the Dec PDP-11 computers, licensing was very important.

Bought the 5 user license and hope that covers my situation.

Thanks for getting back to me.


Lou Schwitzer

(Dan) #42

Hey @switz,

We decided to do away with the 5 seat license to make things simpler for our users — A single license is perfectly fine for this now.

Happy Weaving!


RapidWeaver 8 Upgrade Question
(max) #43

Hi, I found a small bug in RW8: when the text is inserted into the stacks the refresh is not immediate. it is necessary to exit the stack area and then re-enter to see the update. It’s a bit annoying …

(Bernard Perrot) #44

May be a stupid question (I’m very new with Rapidweaver, just bought it) : where to find the user manual… ?