RapidWeaver 8 cannot open files in the “Document” format

Hello RW-friends
RW 8.9.3 (20888). MacBook Pro, MacOs Monterey 12.4

Worked with my project Skarreklit.dk. Saved as usual (since 2009 !) but did not find the usual .RW8 file on my disc. In the RW welcome window double click on the Skarreklit name resulted in the message “Skarreklit maj 2022.rw8.sb-7ca126dc-zHBQHU. RapidWeaver 8 cannot open files in the “Document” format”.

Instead of the usual Skarreklit.RW8 file I on the disc have: Skarreklit maj 2022.rw8.sb-1dd5cce2-xxXAta. Opening this I see: folders:

Looking in Pages my entire project is found in proper order, page by page.

Now, I really do hope, that experienced people can bring a solution. How to create in an easy way the entire project instead of the puzzle piece by piece ? Thanks
Yours Christen Ax

Hey @CKAxelsson,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

The string of numbers on the end is a little worrying, that’s not something RapidWeaver would do, so we can only assume it’s a sync service — Are you using something like Dropbox?

You might have a backup of the project on your web server? Did you have that enabled in RW?

Details on how that works here:

Let us know how you get on.

Hey RW

Thanks - but is it too early to conclude nothing can be done. ?

No use of Dropbox. I have in cloud backup of computers and external harddisc, but unfortunately the disc as described above does not contain an ordinary .rw8 file. It was replaced by Skarreklit maj 2022.rw8.sb-1dd5cce2-xxXAta.

Do I understand you correct in that you are unable to do something from the special file above saved the last working day ? How can such disaster appear in RW in connection to an usual saving procedure ?

Still I do hope someone has THE TRICK which solves the disaster.

Chr Ax

You found that file on your disk. Where? In the “normal” place where you would save it? Or in a Library?

I would try to duplicate that file, (move the duplicate to your Websites folder) and rename it. Try if you can open it when its name ends with the .rw8 suffix.

I’ve had this issue when saving on network storage. Never on iCloud or local drive. Not only in RW but any file (Word, Excel, etc.) Could it be a Monterey glitch? My solution was a third party product called Automounter. It’s better but still have issues from time to time. I’m not running Monterey, though.

In conclusion I would say check if someone has reported a similar problem recently on Apple forums. My best guess it’s a storage access problem from Apple’s side.

Do you use Time Machine to automatically back up your computer? If so, find the most recent backup in Time Machine that has the correct name, and restore it. You will need to recreate the edits that got saved wrong, but it is way better than re-creating the project from scratch. Hope this helps!