If I open RW after all these years

Will I be sorry? My site needs updating and I lost my help. I am concerned that it has been so long since I used the program, too many things may have changed and my site might stop working when I publish.

Well you can always make a duplicate of your file and publish to a test location. You’ll never know until you try.

Are you wanting to use a new version of RW?

This issue is not if your site will publish and work… the issue is compatibility from RW version to RW version. If you take the right migration path all should work fine. The one drawback would be if you had old themes and plugins and/or stacks that are old and not supported any longer.

If you let us know what RW version the project file is in, the theme that was used and which plugins were used, people here could perhaps give you feedback on any problems you might encounter.

I want to open, cleanup a few items, publish and do the things I know how to do. No big changes are necessary. All the updating will make me nervous.

Where do I look for Theme, version and plugins to report back?

Again… Are you wanting to use a new version of RW? What version RW was used for current project file? I assume you still have that copy of RW?

I opened a duplicate of the file and already see a problem.


When I clicked on Manage Plugins and Themes…

It took me to this page, for what purpose, I do not know.


I did not know which way to go here. I tried both.


I am stumped.

Should I update. Must I update?

1.) No, you do not have to upgrade… stay with 5.3 for now.

2.) The shot where you say “It took me to this page” is your add-ons folder. You get to it by selecting “Manage Themes and Plugins.” in the menu you show above that pic. If you open the “RapidWeaver” folder highlighted in that pic you should see any add-ons.

3.) Not sure how you got the “Custom Themes” window… Had you made a custom theme?

4.) Again, not sure how you got the Update Error msg. You need to “pull back” and just focus on one thing at a time.

5). No, do not update to RapidWeaver 8. Get 5.3 working for now… you can upgrade later.

The msg where you you typed “Ooops” above it’s telling you that Stacks, Blocks, FormLoom2 and other plugins are not installed. My response #2 above is where those add-ons should be. You need to re-acqure those plugins and install them in that RapidWeaver folder.

Thank you. Your reply is comforting and encouraging.

How do you re-acquire plugins?

Do I need to go buy them all again?

If you don’t upgrade to a higher version all of your plugins should still work if they did last time you used them. Just make sure they are installed properly. The simplest way to do that is search them on your Mac (type their name into the spotlight search field) and double-click. They will install themselves. In case you don’t have copies of all plugins you might need to re-download them from the seller’s websites. This is usually done with the original purchase confirmation or with a “send me my past orders” button on their websites (which will allow you to access previously downloaded goods).

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You can get an older version of the Stacks Plugin at the Yourhead Archive

Since you are still on RapidWeaver 5, the version you are looking for is Stacks 2.7.1. This will get you the full version of Stacks in Demo mode, then you would just need to find your serial number. If you can’t, email Yourhead and they should be able to provide you with that.

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Sorry I didn’t add my two bits to this topic before now. I was also on RW5 and wanted to upgrade to RW8 after some 6 years of not having touched the initial project or site except for the blog items. Boy, what a mess I ended up in. RW5 project files will not open in HighSierra. First shock. Fortunately:disappointed_relieved: I still had an old pc running Sierra. But that still didn’t help. My problems have just continued and still keep coming although I have found some good advice from Will Woodgate. My site is multilingual which is making it even harder. To cut my reply short. I was like you and thought why touch the site whilst its still working. Bad thinking now in hind sight. I will now upgrade RW versions as they come out. Good luck with your update. :disappointed_relieved:

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