Upgrading to RW 8, as painless as it seems?

Have bought but not yet installed RW8.

Is the process of upgrading really and truly as simple as described in Dan’s post here, please?

Have also read and bookmarked this and this.

All I need to do is move my Addons from their current location (a Dropbox folder; no longer needed as I only work on one machine) by creating a new folder in the Filesystem manually/myself; and then using the appropriate Preference in RW 8. Yes?

No probs, snags, bugs in Themes, Addons, Stacks etc?


8 has a few issues, bugs, call them what you will. Not least the jumping between pages randomly problem and for me at least, completely freezing from time to time. I think these are caused by the preview engine which appears to be very slow without the “generating preview” notice all the time. So, if you hit preview, it appears nothing is happening, but I believe it is in the background, however if you try to perform another operation before the preview has appeared the system seems to become unstable, and needs a restart.

For me this is the only issue, and it’s a small one. Fortunately the save function seems to work when these issues occur, so it’s a simple case of saving, closing, restarting and getting back to work.

Other than this, 8 for me has enough additional features to make it my preferred version over 7. I’ve been converting sites to 8 recently and haven’t experienced any issues with the new version of the sites, so I believe the conversion process is solid.

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You can run both versions, once you open a project with RW8 it copy’s the project and converts it to the new format. The ol project file is still available in the RW7 format.
I haven’t experienced any real issues with it, it’s been a very smooth upgrade.

Not sure what exactly you are saying? You can move your addons prior to or after you upgrade. I placed my addon locally, but either version can use Dropbox for the addons folder.
I have both RW8 and RW7 configured to use the same addons folder and have not had any issues, but honestly I haven’t really used RW7 since upgrading other than just checking to make sure it still works. I wouldn’t run them at the same time sharing the addon folder, but it works fine.


Not painless for me. I have been using RW5 for ages and it’s been brilliant. With coming OS X Mojave I thought it’s time to migrate to the latest version.

RW8 asks for lots of personal information (access to contacts, to keychain, etc etc). But totally scrambles the website !!

I know I was on a really old RW but it says it is upwards compatible. It totally does not work - pages are empty or totally different, snippets not moved across etc etc - a complete shambles

Very sad. I really wanted to keep working with RW - but not like this.

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Pretty painless for me - no show stoppers. however the following issues have arisen (under High Sierra):

  1. Random jumping between pages as mentioned by @jamesbond. This however happened to me in RW7 also; I likewise guess the preview engine needs some attention. Worse on big projects after a fair bit of editing. Reboot project always sorts it.
  2. Formloom plugins needed serial number re-entered, may happen to other plugins also?
  3. Odd but painless bug which gives you a ‘nothing to install’ message if you try to open a RW8 project when only RW7 is open
  4. Some problems with Font Awesome

That’s about it really. Whether you like the interface changes is personal choice - I’m not a great fan but maybe in time?. Other features make it a good upgrade. As @teefers noted - you can run 7 & 8 concurrently so nothing to lose


This happens not just in RW, but other apps as well, so it is not just a RW issue.


@jamesbond, @teefers, @salmony, @manofdogz, @zeebe - thank you so very much for your detailed and helpful replies!

I shall take the plunge.

Your help here very much appreciated :-).


Sorry for not being clear: I remember in one previous version (RW6??) the process of moving Addons (for the first time, if I remember correctly; previously RealMac controlled that) did not go smoothly.

I was thinking to pre-empt any possible failures by creating a New Folder before I upgraded (to 8).

Is there a recommended place… e.g. in the ~/Library/Containers or ~/Library/Application Support hierarchies?

I set mine up as a subdirectory of documents.


Just makes it easy to find then hunting through the Library folder.

I don’t remember (been on 8 since release) but I think It will make a copy of the addons anyway.

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Got it. Thanks Doug!

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After installation of RW8, about 60% of my stacks are not working. I also tried a clean install of RW8 ( removing earlier RW versions and container entries ) and installing all the stacks one by one, but still no luck. I did report this to Realmac, but didnot get any reply.

Furthermore, I also experienced several other bugs including the ‘jumping’ so for myself I regret the upgrade to RW8.

I have had no problem with any “current” stacks running on RW8.

If stacks not working is the only issue you are having, you need to report that to yourhead (stacks) software. Realmac probably won’t be able to help.

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Anyone (I think) who experienced the transition from RW6 to RW7 will find the transition from RW7 to RW8 refreshingly easy.


No, it is for sure not easy! I lost all my links to the resources and I still stay with rw6, because this is a serious upgrade problem, so I downgraded back to version 6 and I’m hoping, that this issue will be solved some day.

So you were upgrading from RW6 to RW8? That’s a very different thing. Many of us had a few problems moving from RW6 to RW7, so I would expect some going from 6 to 8.

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Yes, in the beginning i upgraded from rw6 to 8 and all went wrong. So I went back to the start and took the step between, meaning rw 7.5 with re-saving and all that stuff that Dan recommended. But without success and so I’m back to rw6 and apparently nobody knows a way to do it properly.

Have you let anyone at realmac know about the issues that you are having?
They won’t be able to fix things unless they know there broken.
They might need more in and a link(Dropbox kind) to a project file to find out what’s going on.

It certainly wasn’t so easy and fault-free as I hoped :frowning:.

The order in which to move/not move; manually move/not move; ‘export’; re-install Addons was not at all clear; at least to me!

Nor was the distinction between Revealing and Setting paths to Addons from within the app.

In fact, this is what seems to happen:

  1. launch RW8
  2. (after a few false starts and misinformation) opt to Export Addons
  3. this creates a Bundle (which seems to be an OS Package containing a new hierarchy of all Addons)
  4. that is then unzipped - in a location not necessarily corresponding either to one the user has chosen, or to the previous/current location… although there is no indication of progress and took about 30 minutes
  5. unzipping the ‘Bundle’ creates a (new in RW 8) Addons installer; at this point you seem to have no control over the target directory for this installation - other than that it creates a ‘To install’ subdirectory of the current location
  6. this seems to work properly
  7. but you then have to trick RW8 into finding the new location once you have dragged all the Addons from the directory into which the Addons Installer placed them
  8. a restart of RW hangs the app.
  9. first attempt to update Stacks crashed RW 8.

Eventually, though, it did all seem to work.

Perhaps my situation is atypical: I wanted to move all my Addons away from DropBox (since I no longer need to use two computers) and into ~/Library/RapidWeaver.

I appreciate that for RealMac to allow for every possible combination of circumstances must be impossible.

In its stead - and I apologize if I have missed it - a page on the support site (other than here, which really isn’t comprehensive) detailing best practice and what to expect from each of these operations, in which order they should be performed, and why, would be extremely useful.

Nothing actually went wrong during this update (except the hangs, which I suspect were caused by the app’s failure to find Addons - for one or more of the reasons referred to above in the convoluted and rather obscure Add-on-upgrade routines) ; and RW 8, I agree, looks great.

Thanks, team. I hope these comments are helpful :slight_smile:

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