🙄 RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 6 (Build 19732b)

Hey Weavers,

Here’s a new beta for you guys to test.

What’s New

  • Updated toolbar items and layout. You may want to edit it and drag across the default layout let us know what you think.
  • Added a “View Code” toolbar button.
  • Fixed up a tonne of menu items/shortcuts
  • We now remember the width of the page list
  • Lots of other fixes!

Download RapidWeaver 8 Private Beta 6 (Build 19732b)

Keep the feedback coming.



When in simulated preview, the preview window is named exactly the same as the project window (see screen grab). Be nice if the preview window was appended with a string, something like “ProjectName” + “-Preview”, to differentiate them.

Thanks, we’ll get that fixed!

Also, how’s Mojave treating you? Any major issues?


Mojave… Just reinstalled after the recent update (the initial release I found unusable). Pretty crashy still, mostly in Apple’s own applications oddly enough.
RW has some serious flickering going on when switching in and out of editing a styled text area in any stack (I have that down to Mojave at the mo).
I haven’t found anything that simply will not run, or is unusable on this version of Mojave yet though.

Oh, and every application (including RW code view) that has a code editing view, has the code offset to the left out of view, so you need to type like 4 or 5 chars before what your typing comes into view. (bugger).

I’ve only had a few 3rd party apps crash. Most work in beta 2 now though. I have 1-2 apps that still do not open. FaceTime and Messages are the only Apple thing that is buggy for me.

I don’t see flickering in RW. I do get parts on things in Edit Mode turn black when first selected. Maybe because I am using Dark Mode?

Code View in RW8 does that but I think that it depends on window width and the length of the code lines. Also I can scroll horizontally to see the cut off chars. Mine is definitely not as bas as yours but my text seems a lot smaller as well.

Sounds about the same as what I’m seeing. re flickering (I’m not using dark mode).

Screen recording: https://www.doobox.co.uk/Distribution/ForumSharing/flickering_black.mp4

Thanks for the feedback! Annoyingly, this is a bug in Mojave - we’ve managed to isolate it into a tiny standalone project, and we’ll be forwarding all the details on to Apple shortly.


During the migration of my main Stacks website, it seems the resources have problems.
They appear as grey boxes and even in preview the banner image is missing which should be a resource file.

And the resources window seems not very useful without an ability to switch views like from thumbnail to list view with sorting etc.

Cheers Maik

Hey @barz-stacks

Can you send over the original rw7 project file, so we can run some tests on it and fix the issues you’ve found! Send it on over to dan@realmacsoftware.com :slight_smile: