RapidWeaver 8 The best web design software for Mac, just got worse

Never had an issue with updates. Always get the help I need. Stop the bashing. It won’t change anything.


I am not a day in day out user of RapidWeaver. I just have a few site I take care of. You have my vote of confidence. Version 8 been good for me.


Upgrading from 6 to 7 was easy. Upgrading from 7 to 8 was easy as well I only did it last month. I’m currently using 8.0.3 and it works great. My experience is that Rapidweaver gets better with each new release not worse.

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Let’s all calm down a bit, please.

I am using now 8.1 beta since months, and I don’t have issues with it like data loss or publishing failures. Others may have.

Of course it’s a bit unlucky to have a big release in testing since months now, but let’s look into the future. Afterwards, we can hope for smaller release cycles.

The only thing what bothers me (and my customers) is that my demo projects, saved with 8.1 beta, aren’t anymore being able to be opened with 8.0.3. I wasn’t aware of this before. Maybe it was communicated, but I over read. Next time please in bigger letters, thanks :pray:

Cheers, Jannis


Jannis is right, after we get 8.1 out the door (it’s looking likely it’ll be next week), we’ll be shipping smaller more regular updates directly to all customers.

Onwards and upwards. Viva-la-Weaver!