Rapidweaver 8 hiding utilities in finder menu bar - revisited

Just thought I’d get back to the kind folks who gave me feedback about problem I was having with RW8.
Turns out it was to do with RW not being able to run on Mac OS 10.11 - or so it seems.
As I said to Realmac support -
“I’d have to say I’m disappointed that it’s taken so long to establish that RW8 wont work on OS 10.11 - when I mentioned it in my initial post.
Also, I was surprised that this was the outcome when I was able to download RW8 and convert RW7 files and start using RW8 all without any incompatibility warnings.
It was only when I (later) decided to try downloading RW8 (again) from the release notes page that I saw that RW8 required 10.12.
Previously I had downloaded RW from your home page and I don’t recall any system requirements specifications there - something I am aware of these days with still running 10.011.”
To their credit Realmac quickly refunded the cost of the upgrade.
Thanks to Isaiah, Scott and Jannis for their interest in my topic.
BTW - I presume no-one on OS 10.11 can use RW8?

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