Rapidweaver bug at startup

there’s a conflict when opening Rapidweaver from a document when there is an update message in the pipline. Rapidweaver freezes and restart computer is required. Then open Rapidweaver application, clear the update message then open document. Who do you tag to bring this to the notice of dev team?

@tpbradley usually works, he will probably need more information from you.

@Dsal22 Thanks for reporting this, can you tell me what the update was? Was it a plugin or RapidWeaver update message?


@tpbradley Yes Tom, It was the Rapidweaver 4.1.3, with the automatically check for updates preference

Did you mean 8.1.3?

Yes Tom, Yes. please excuse the typo

@Dsal22 I’ve adjusted things slightly in the latest beta, hopefully it’ll do the trick - time will tell :wink:

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