RapidWeaver Central's Developer of the Year Awards

Yes, it’s that time of the year again — the results are in, the bribes banked and holiday booked, and we can now finally reveal the RapidWeaver Developers whose themes, stacks and plugins have accrued the most votes in our RapidWeaver Central Developer Of The Year Awards.

Plugin of the Year

1.YourHead Software and Isaiah Carew for his essential Stacks plugin. [101 votes]
2. Foreground (formerly Omnidea) with their eCommerce plugin RapidCart Pro. [28 votes]
3. Greg Barchard’s Chillidog Software gets a very commendable mention for his Weaverpix plugin. [10 votes]
4. NimbleHost’s Jonathan Head gets the ‘honourable mention’ for his notable Waterfall plugin. [7 votes]

Theme/Themer of the Year

  1. Joe Workman for his Foundation theme. [85 votes]
  2. Nick Cates, with his fast loading Forward theme taking the honours. [8 votes]
  3. Adam Shiver and his Elixir Graphics theme Magestic. [5 votes]
  4. Multitheme’s Michelangelo gets the ‘honourable mention’. [4 votes]

Stack of the Year

  1. NimbleHost’s Jonathan Head, for his Armadillo Stack. [24 votes]
  2. Joe Workman and his Total CMS stacks. [21 votes]
  3. Equal in third place, Andrew Tavernor and Big White Duck’s highly commendable Sections stack. [9 votes]
  4. Also equal in third place, Joe Workman and his Foundation stacks suite. [9 votes]

Developer of the Year

  1. Joe Workman. [107 votes]
  2. Will Woodgate, Stacks4Stacks. [17 votes]
  3. Andrew Tavernor, BigWhiteDuck. [13 votes]
  4. Isaiah Carew, YourHead. [9 votes]

Unfortunately Joe Workman can’t be here in person to accept the award so I’ll be flying over to present it to him personally — more news on that soon.

In the meantime, if any of you spreadsheet gurus would like to analyse the data and present it in a fancy pie- (or any other kind of) chart, then please feel free to do so. You can download the results data in a (.numbers) spreadsheet here.


Very cool. :blush:

Congratulations to the winners. Speech! Speech! Speech!

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Thank you to everyone who voted. I am honored!


Congratulations to all. I have to say that there are a number of other developers who also deserve recognition, although I hesitate to name them for fear of forgetting some others!


There are many developers working hard to benefit the RW community with their offerings. Indeed some may be ever-present while others work behind the scenes more quietly. No matter, you are ALL important to this community, and I, for one, thank each and every one of you for all you do.

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Excellent! Congrats you guys! :trophy:

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