RapidWeaver Contractor - SF Bay Area

Does anyone know a contractor in the SF Bay Area (specifically we’re located in Mission Bay, San Francisco) who can come to our office to help fix the RapidWeaver issues facing our website?

We live in a connected world surely a remote session could help if you don’t find anyone local?

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That would certainly be an option if we aren’t able to find anyone local. Thanks!

Christine: I live in San Francisco but have very little free time. It might be more helpful if you give the key parameters/details of the problems you are facing.

As Justin stated an online session can work wonders. I use Zoom all the time with my students. But it does help speed up the process if it’s clearer what type of problems you face. For example, I’d be great at solving some problems. Terrible at some others.

Hi Mathew,
Thanks for reaching out. Due to an error I was receiving when trying to export the site, I had to upgrade the OS on my computer and then upgrade to RW version 7; however, even after re-purchasing the $50 stacks the add ons didn’t seem to transfer, so the format of our site in version 7 looks pretty different and messed up. I re-downloaded version 5.4.1 to perform the transfer again but the add ons don’t seem present in the earlier version either… any insights?

It seems like a complicated problem to explain but there may be something simple I’m doing wrong, which is why I thought it might be easiest for a contractor to come take a look.

Let me know what you think.

Hi Christine,
is the Stacks Plugin updated?

V7 needs an actual version.

Christine: your description helps a lot. I don’t think you need a live person for this. You may need to work with someone online. But first let’s see if this can be resolved via the discussion board. First step is to answer @jochenabitz question, then we can proceed from there.

Hi all,
Thanks - yes, I recently purchased the new $50 stacks.

Do you know any contractors in the Bay Area who could come to help with our RapidWeaver site? Although this may be a small issue, we are in a university research lab and don’t have the skills to troubleshoot. Anyone you can recommend? Thanks,