All going things up

I seem to be having a glitch with rapid weaver latest version. Version 8.0.3 (20142)
I have posted before and have done all the things I was advised to do.
I have made sure I have the latest version of mac. Gone to there site and downloaded. I have manually updated stacks, see last post and reply.

I have updated the latest stacks and contacted the other stuff I use to get there latest updates. And if I don’t use them deleted them.

By the way, rapid weaver your stacks update thing should work or just don’t include it. Don’t sell it if it does not work. Don’t say automatic stacks and programs updates if you know it does not work. As you do.

Sorry guys I am simplifying my websites and going for rapid weaver themes with little or no other stuff. That way won’t get bounced around with not our fault, contact x. Now contact y. now contact s. now do this, now do that, now contact server, now pray. Now dos. T. Now go to the server. It all worked well before the upgrade.

Guess what. All was fine before the upgrade. So what is the one constant? The upgrade.

My ego does not need to make a good template individual with lots of glitches, so rebuilding my three main websites with just basic stuff, that rapid weaver 8 says works, but it does not at the moment just seems simpler, and if it does not work. I have a lot more clout.

Basic stuff you said would work. So make it work. Nothing fancy added. Just your basic programme. You sold it to me. I paid. you said it works. It does not. You took my money. You fix it. Very simple. You can’t blame the third party add-ons as you recommended them and would have tested them in order not to allow them to damage your reputation.
Or I just don’t use them.

I have deleted all old unused stacks and rapidly approved templates. In order to reduce the problems. I just want a website to work and bring in the income.

I have a few glitches after doing all I have been advised to do both publicly on this site and privately. At the moment I have three glitches.

O. and by the way I have also spent hours of my life with my hosting server siteground who have checked all the stuff and advised me to do lots of things that really scared me.

You sold me on rapid weaver being simple and easy, so why have I been asked, now by you to learn HTML and use a third party htmp uploader and go into my host HTML server thing and remove HTML, now that you advise PHP or whatever it is.

This is not simple and easy and basic. Please rewrite your sales pitch. but I did so that I could come back to rapid weaver and say. No, it’s you.

  1. I now get messages advising me I have. Html and PHP files on my site and I have to go into an HTTP thing and make HTML or serious changes on the host stuff. All frightening, why do I have to do this rapid weaver?
    This only happened on the upgrade, you should cover this stuff.

  2. Stacks and addon seem to be disappearing.
    I have paid for two stacks.
    Eric Boo.
    Seo stack disappeared. he sent me the download link went through the process.
    Still, can’t use the stack can’t even find it.

I have a few youtube videos on my other sites that are active.
Have just attempted to place another youtube video on another one of my sites.

Guess what. That stack has disappeared as well.
Can’t find it.
I bought it. I have it active on this site and other sites I have.
But now when I attempt to use it .againe.
It has disappeared.

Rapid weaver help.

When you sober up restate the problems you are having in a clear, succinct logical manner. Ideally with the steps required for someone else to reproduce the issue, and I’m sure you’ll get the assistance you need.


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