How do I remove folders from Resources?

I have too many folders in Resources, and need to consolidate some of the files. How do I remove folders?

Hi @traut

Just right click and hit Delete.

You’ll need to manually delete them from the server if you have previously published them. RapidWeaver doesn’t delete anything that’s been published.

Use a file manager from your host or an FTP app.

I understand their reasons for this, but I do wish they would give us an option to check if we want to delete stuff when publishing. That way you have a choice. Leave it off by default, but please give us the choice…

What if something goes wrong and the incorrect file, or a whole folder gets deleted? Bugs happen with apps. Accidents happen when users rename a folder, or file. I think it is best to not have RapidWeaver ever delete anything on the server. Much safer this way.


True, that is why I would like it to be an option. Plus, it wouldn’t be that hard to republish all files. Just an idea, you don’t have to use it, but others might want it.

That works; thanks!

agree with @elixir on this wouldn’t want Rapidweaver to delete anything on the server best to manage that with an ftp client

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