Rapidweaver Deleting Itself

Three days this week, Rapidweaver has seemingly put itself in the trash on my laptop. Go to open a project and I get a warning that the program can’t be opened because it is in the trash and each time, that is, in fact the case. Dragged back to the desktop each time, and used it without issue. I’m suspecting I may have a virus, but only RW seems to be affected. Just wondering if this is behaviour that anyone else has encountered. Any insight at all would be appreciated.

Why are you not putting the RW program into the Applications Folder?

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RW gets a lot of use, so that’s where I like to have it. Hasn’t been a problem up until now.

Put the program in your Applications folder then an alias on the desktop.

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I agree

More than happy to give it a try, not seeing how it will make a difference though. Thank you for the suggestion.

I don’t know if you are using Catalina or not. But with each OS major upgrade there have been sticter restrictions on “stuff” including applications. You may not see how it makes a difference but it likely will help even if it doesn’t fully resolve the issue. The bottom line is you are experiencing very weird behavior: so putting the app where it belongs is step #1.

… if you use it a lot why not put in your dock? Or use Alfred? Or several other alternatives. Part of the reason for the dock and other apps is so you can easily see the most used apps.


Hi Ross,
Its been covered, but files on desktop and in /Applications are treated differently. The correct installation would be in /Applications.

Once you’ve installed properly, let us know if you continue to have this issue. :slight_smile:

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Fair points. It’s in the applications folder now. Haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet, currently using High Sierra. Doing a more general search online, found instances of this occurring years ago with the Kindle App. In that case, it turned out that it had something to do with the automatic updates. So… not very helpful in this case. Getting the behavior to stop is the number one goal, but it would be great to figure out the underlying cause…

Haven’t had any additional issues with RW deleting itself. Thank you all.

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