RW keeps disappearing

I have bought the system RW8 and saved my project to my desktop as the video instructed
I was working on it last night. Today I went to work on the project again and it came up with a message " We can’t open the application “%@” because the disk it is on has been ejected

This has happened already and I reinstalled after upgrading machine to Mojave. The project was still there.
Help ! I relatively new to MacBook Pro but didn’t do anything weird. I only use it for RW
Am getting annoyed as I want to finish my initial project and get the page up and running.

Can you drag and drop the Rapidwaever program into the applications folder of your Mac, then eject the disk image, then open Rapidweaver from your applications folder, then open your project file by selecting open from the Rapidweaver menu?

Many thanks for your reply
I don’t know how to do what you suggested or what you mean by “eject the image”. I am new to MacBook as normally use Windows computer.

I asked “Finder” where the applications are and it just referred to me to all the applications installed . I dragged and dropped the RW to join the others as there does not seem to be any specific folder as such.


If you’re new to macOSX, have you thought about familiarizing yourself with the way the Finder works?

Strongly suggest browsing videos like this one online. That will save you much frustration.

What Jan advises is a basic and common operation. I agree with him that it may well solve your problem. Good luck!

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