Rapidweaver file structure?

About two months ago I upgraded my computer to a nice whizzy nearly-new one. I made the mistake of migrating my files from the old one and have had no end of problems, most of which I’ve solved. Among these were losing all my software licences, not being able to find any of the add-ons and plugs-ins (I’ve downloaded those anew and dug out the licence keys from my emails or the developers) and now I’m having trouble locating all the themes I’ve bought over the years. I’ve muddled through up to now, but yesterday ran into a problem which does have me scratching my head.

RWMultitool insists it can’t find any themes. I can only surmise that there’s something amiss with the structure it expects to find - a folder called “themes” located somewhere in the vicinity of my other RW folders. Is that right? If that’s not the problem, what on earth is? It’s all a bit of a nightmare.

I’m pretty sure this issue is addressed somewhere on the Multithemes site in the RW Multitool section. I seem to remember it’s a bit of a strange workaround but it does work.

Thanks Rob: I’ll have a look there.