Rapidweaver & Filemaker sitting in a tree


I gave a demo of Aloe, the Xojo class / technique that I use to develop these types of sites, to the Virtual Xojo Users Group in June. A recording of the presentation is available here: http://vxug.org/meetings/

Since giving that demo, Aloe has come a long way. I’m in the process of developing several additional sites and apps with it. To support those sites, I’ve developed modules for integration with Airtable, Highrise, Mailjet, Google’s Maps and reCAPTCHA APIs, and other services.

Aloe will be available in late August or early September. I’m still working on the details of how best to release it. In the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know.

~ Tim

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Thank you very much for your links. On vacation now, but I will check out your links. Aloe sounds very promising.

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Another interested party. I have both FileMaker and rapidweaver solutions that could benefit.


I would be interested too. I built a fantastic tool that our marketers use to store all sorts of information in, but would love to integrate it into a website someday. Especially since users on Surface tablets do NOT have the ability to rotate the tablet once a PDF is open - FM crashes. Apple is aware of the bug, but I do not expect a solution to be forthcoming.

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Yes! I’ve been trying to find a FileMaker solution for some time

So @titanium76 is your project in development? Like many others here, I would love to see it! I’m just getting into FileMaker Pro 16 at the moment. We’ve been using our solution since FMP 6 but never developed it any further. I will personally get into updating it soon!

Dying to see what types of tricks you have up your sleeve!

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Anything yet? I use also FM and if ther ewas a solution with Rapidweaver, it would be great…

I would be interested in this. I have been thinking of building a series of stacks but I am working on some other projects right now.

i literally would DREAM of this, as i use both, and don’t really understand php enough to tailor what i need! Having a stack (or set of stacks) allowing to simply link to fields in a FMP solution would be awesome!

I am very much interested in that. What is the state of this thread? Any actual ideas, solutions already?


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With the advent of the FileMaker API I don’t see why 2-way communication between FM and RW can’t exist.

Is there a developer out there who’d tackle it? Can we Kickstarter this?

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its just PHP that is needed but it would take time to develop the Stacks etc.

It’s been quite awhile since I first posted to this thread - way back in July of 2017 to be exact. Back then I was using RapidWeaver to create templates which used by Xojo-based Web apps.

A few months ago, I started experimenting with the FileMaker Data API. I wanted to see what it would take to create a Stack that could be used to integrate RapidWeaver with FileMaker databases using the API. I had made some progress before getting sidelined by client work. I was calling the Stack “Forethought” - and those of you who know a little FileMaker history will understand the reason for that name.

I have the stack to the point where you can specify a server, database, and a layout, and the stack will load those records via the API. The data returned by the API is then available for use in other embedded stacks - it doesn’t really matter what they are (paragraphs, HTML stacks, etc). You can also specify a record ID to load a single record. When requesting multiple records, you can specify the sort order. I’ve attached a screen shot showing the stack.

The stack is intended for reading data from FileMaker and publishing it, but it doesn’t support adding, updating, or removing records. I’m not sure what that would take in terms of the UI.

I’m curious to see how much interest there would be in the stack. It’s difficult to get a sense of whether or not it would make sense to wrap up this first version of the stack and make it available for sale, open source it, etc.

Any feedback would be helpful.


Would it be possible with this stack to also read and display data from a “normal” MySQL database?

It’s possible, but I’d probably develop a separate stack specifically for that. The reason is that the way that the connections are made from PHP to the database are very different.

But the architecture of the stacks would be similar. You’d configure the connection, specify what records you want returned, and then in the “drop zone” for the stack, add the stacks that you want to be published for each record.

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Ok, thanks for the explanation. Asked because I personally won’t have the use case to access a FM database but rather a “normal” MySQL database.

Many thanks for offering this.
Provided it is not silly money, I would buy it immediately . (I spend enough silly money on FileMaker already!)

I would absolutely support this. I do believe the API supports a fairly significant number of the functions available in FileMaker. CWP might provide an even more robust feature set as has been utilized by https://www.fmbetterforms.com.

Fmbetterforms is a fantastic product, but having something within the RW framework via stacks would open the functionality to a whole other segment of developer.

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As you described above would definitely have value as is. That said, you might want to release it as a free version 1.0 with the understanding that future versions with additional features like searching, filters and then adding, updating and deleting records would be paid version. Once it’s out, you’re likely to get a lot of constructive feedback and ideas on where to go with it…


Wow. This is great Tim. I’m in. Entire universe of my company runs on Filemaker and Rapidweaver.

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