Rapidweaver for iPad

Is it coming any time soon?

I wouldn’t hold my breath for this. Firstly, iPadOS sandboxes and would not allow for Rapidweaver to have plugins, such as Stacks, or themes, etc. So, that basically is how RW is built and defeats the purpose of the application. Secondly, maybe Apple will enable some magical API that would make something possible, but I doubht it would be as full featured as the MaOS app is.

more info here.


Remember, a quick search in the search area will give you answers too. I typed in “RapidWeaver iPad” in the search area and quickly got this list:
Which would have answered your question a lot faster. Just giving everyone ideas before posting something that has been asked before.


Apple will be switching over to ARM processors for their computers very soon, so I would say yes :wink:

@AngelArs the processor has nothing to do with it, it’s the operating system that’s the limitation, iOS and MacOS are very very different beasts.
Read the thread that Zeebe linked to.


What everyone should be afraid of is that MacOs is getting closer to iPadOS/iOS.


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Agreed - Catalina neutered a bunch of older RapidWeaver stacks. MacOS is starting to become like safety scissors - not only can’t you cut yourself with them, you can’t cut anything else either.

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