Rapidweaver on iPad Pro

(John Tyler) #1

Is there any intention to release an iPad Pro version of Rapidweaver

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

The main reason this was always answered “No” when the iPad has first come out (and since) is that there is no way to get 3rd Party plugins/themes/stacks on the iPad. Now that RapidWeaver allows you to store them on places like Dropbox and other online areas, not sure if this is still an issue. Only @dan would be able to answer for sure though.

(Ben Balser) #3

Also, since they are two different operating systems (Apple is not merging them) you’d need to purchase RW for iPad separately, plus purchase plugins via the iOS app store. So you’d be purchasing everything twice; once for macOS (desktop/laptop), once for iOS (iPad/iPhone).

Plus, there’d have to be enough demand for both to justify the financial investment in developing both.

(Doug Bennett) #4

Don’t think it’s the storing of them that would be the issue. Apple doesn’t let anything “run” on iOS that isn’t from the App Store, and gone through their “approval process“(and Apple’s 30%+ cut). Since at least “plugins” comes out of Xcode, they would probably need to come from the App Store.

As Ben pointed out I wouldn’t think there’s a enough of a market for it.

(DeFliGra) #6

I’m sure we’ll see more sofisticated solutions (than screen sharing) connecting MacOS and iOS during the next couple of years…

(Ben Balser) #7

Would be nice to be able to edit web sites while I’m traveling. I can edit video, music, photos, documents, but not a web site. I don’t think editing a web site takes nearly as much horsepower or resources as editing a web site. I guess that’s where the online site builders come in and gain market share. But online services don’t allow for plugins, I guess. Mobile device web site editing would be really nice to have.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #8

You can edit a RW site, as long as you use a CMS, like TotalCMS by Joe Workman.

(Ben Balser) #9

Very limited, can’t build from scratch, can’t do major overhauls, just replace content. Not what I’m talking bout at all, obviously.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #10

Not exactly true, especially with version 2.0 coming soon.

(Doug Bennett) #11

Don’t think you’re going to see an iPad version anytime soon. If you need full mobile computing, consider a MacBook.

(Ben Balser) #12

MacBook is not an alternative in this discussion about iPad apps. Apples to onions…

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #13

RW will not be on iPad anytime soon. No need to argue here.

If Apple even not allows RW being in the Mac App Store that easily, an iPad version isn’t even to think about.

(Ben Balser) #14

Apple has not banned RW from the App Store, that’s not an issue, so why bring it up? I guess RW will be stuck in it’s archaic model forever then.

(Greg Schneck) #15

Ben, I’m curious… Do you own a desktop or laptop?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #16

@instacks never said banned, he has said not allowed, and if you search, there are a couple of posts by Dan mentioning this, here is one:

So it is currently an issue, one Dan admits.

Also, do you use RapidWeaver straight out of the box or do you use Stacks and other stack addons or plugins or themes?? Those would need to be Sandboxed as well. Is this something Realmac should do? Is is something you would expect a developer to do? This is more of an Apple issue than it is a Realmac issue. I could be wrong, but I thought I remember Dan or Nik (when he was here) saying they had a version running on iPad but because of the sandboxing issues, it is impossible for 3rd party developers to be brought in. As I mention, I could be wrong here, and it could be from a dream, but I thought it was said at one time.

Have to disagree with this idea, using a computer to create a website, at least for me is not archaic.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #17

Instead of asking for an iPad version, I would follow @zeebe 's advice into looking for a decent CMS, so many out there for RW.

(SF) #18

I think his issue, much like mine, is that I like to get some building work done while travelling. Doesn’t matter what the CMS is if the work you want to do is build out the CMS pages, or design the overall site.

But I can’t imagine there’s enough business to support the development of an iPad app even if all the logistical issues of the App store were magically bypassed.

It’s a laptop or you’re stuck working on your desktop when you’re not travelling.

(Greg Schneck) #19

Warning… a friendly editorial post… :slight_smile:

Rhetorical and not directed at anyone in particular…

My curious mind makes me reflect… if you are maintaining a website(s) on a regular basis and you travel shouldn’t you have a laptop anyway? And aren’t there many other apps you use while traveling that are not available on a tablet? Buy an older MBP, put an SSD in it, and you’re set! I have a 2011 MPB with SSD and RW work’s on it just as well as my 27" iMac. - Of course the iMac is old too, 2013 :slight_smile:

(Paul Russam) #20

Apple have a lot of rules as to how an app performs on both MacOS and iOS, with iOS being by far the most restrictive, these rules are commonly called ‘sandboxing’ and essentially mean an app has to operate within its own little space without any interaction with any other app.

There would be no plugins, so that means no Stacks and once you realise that every page type in RW is a plugin that means a substantial (if not complete) rewrite of the RW methodology.

Theoretically you would be able to import a project but if you have any external resources/wharehoused content they won’t be accessible due to sandboxing so bang goes ya javascript, fonts etc i.e. no working pages.

And then you have to export your plugin less project back into a format that MacOS RW wants … ughhhh, what a nightmare

The list goes on but basically forget getting RW on iOS, at least the RW we know. There’s nothing stopping someone writing a hyper basic html page maker for iOS, in fact go have a look at Universe on the AppStore if you want to see the peak of what can be achieved … be warned … prepare for disappointment.

(James Bond) #21

Why would anyone want to design/build a website on a 10in screen? I have a 13in MBA for traveling, but even then it’s not to design on, it’s just for emergencies.