Next App opportunity?

With the release of iPadOS and the iPad Pro if I may suggest, is an opportunity waiting for someone to take advantage of.

Yes it would take a UI genius and someone to think through the Apple recommended standards. But to me all signs are pointing to a convergence if not an outright replacement of the MacOS in the future.

Even if this opinion is wrong, iPadOS is surely a viable and fast growing market.

That won’t be popular.

The limitation is that iOS does not allow plugins. This means RapidWeaver on iOS would not have Stacks, of themes, or stacks addons like Foundry. You’d have only RapidWeaver at its most basic. I don’t think that is something you or anyone else is looking for, right? While the iOS is growing to allow trackpads, a mouse, full-size keyboard, and more, it doesn’t allow the things RapidWeaver actually needs, which is addons.

New app. New opportunity.

Likely outside of the current RW environment.

Just food from thought.

Still no addons possible.

Unfortunately, it’s going the wrong way. MacOS is getting more and more “locked-down” instead of iOS/iPadOS opening up. Right now, with the latest release of Catalina, plugins have to be notarized to run. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the future of MacOS like iOS, everything will have to come from the app store.


the single largest strength IMHO of RapidWeaver is that it brings the talents of so many different developers, designers, artists, and tech-lovers together to build something that is so much more than the sum of its parts.

but iOS and iPadOS simply don’t allow loading plug-ins of any sort. it’s against the rules.

building web-apps might be one way to get a greater-than-the-sum community platform onto iPads, but native is currently not possible due to Apple’s rules.

… and that doesn’t even touch on the difficulty of sustaining profitability within app-store restrictions. i for one am unlikely to risk investing more time/money in app store only development.


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