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Bonus points for Christmas themed questions :smiley:

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Brad (aka Turtle, not Toad :wink: )

Thanks for answering my question on Podcast #20 and glad you caught the Toad/Turtle jab! I have further questions for the next Podcast if you can fit them in…

  1. Nik mentions that resources are ‘aliases’, does RapidWeaver track/verify the alias and update the resource link if you move the file with finder or warn you of a failed alias or even check if an alias is still valid?

  2. Same pretty much goes for pages, as I move pages around from main menu to sub-menu or from sub-menu A to sub-menu B, are all associated linked items (resources, page links, folder paths) updated appropriately or should I go into inspector and change paths manually after a move of a page?

  3. I notice some people using …/sampler type folder names in their RW projects and others just using /sampler or even just sampler. What is the best practice for page folder naming structure input in the Inspector for the page?

  4. What’s on your Christmas Wish List for RapidWeaver and Community and as a company as a whole?

  5. Will you have a Christmas Theme available for Typed dot com (Probably too late to ask this as you are recording 2 days before Christmas?

  6. Where can I get developer resources for Themes, stacks and Plug-ins (I may want to learn more about it and am having a tough time finding resources)? Note: Isaiah does have some resources available which I have found useful for his Plugin.

I know, a lot of questions, answer what you can please in the time allotted and save some for the New Year Podcast if you like.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keep up the great effort you all put into all things RapidWeaver and Typed!

From Ontario

You’ve just been given £52,000,000,000.00 that can only be spent on developing the RapidWeaver platform and community; what do you do besides pay a shit ton of taxes?

Retire in Costa Rica! Kidding aside, that’s a loaded question :wink:


Not so much a question more of an answer, I wouldnt think and/or hope that nobody was offended by some of the pictures on my Timmy Toad web site, You may have already seen the reason for Timmy Toad ?.
Those “xrated” pictures are there, simply to give any visitors a laugh, and judging by the comments on the Podcast, they certainly gave you all a laugh. I just dragged them off of the Internet many years ago. No offence was intended to either gender, Go on, admit it, you know you liked them.
@ben, @dan does that come any where near to getting me off the hook ??

@Turtle come on now Brad, i told you all, WHY “Timmy Toad” , why is your nickname “Turtle” ?

I went to visit a retired colleague recently and saw his house had the name of “CONLEY HOUSE”, curiosity got the better of me, I know he used to sell Bedrooms and Kitchens several years and his name is LEE
Hence CON and LEY (Lee) a con artist named Lee !!


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Turtle goes wayyyy back to when I was 16, I am now 50 almost 51, I got the nickname from a girlfriend at the time, the only thing I did slow was make love, everything else I did fast (Drive Taxi, drive my motorcycle, drink). My fellow taxi drivers liked and took to the nickname because I was quite chubby back then and they said my head and neck looked like that of a turtle… you choose which to believe :wink: (Both are true actually) and the handle stuck through the military and the Motorcycling community. My wife has other names for me but I am not allowed to say those in mixed company with minors present :smile:


Thanks @Turtle now that you mention your age, i can tell you i am almost 69,

@ben, @dan wonder if i qualify to be the oldest Weaver ? I only use RW for fun, over 5 years ago i was made redundant, with some of my redundancy money i treated myself to an Apple Lap Top, one of my better decisions, I had been using a pirate copy of Dreamweaver in Windoze, but havent looked back since getting RW, am i perhaps the only Weaver who doesn’t use RW for monetary gain ? several questions in there :relaxed:

@ben, @dan i do believe that one of you two very nice gentleman had said you fixed a small problem when listening to a Podcast, that when clicking on a Show Note to read it, it is far too easy to stop the podcast to see the selected Show Note. It would be far nicer if it Opened a New Tab or New Page

69 is not close to the oldest, I have had tickets working for Joe for people over 80.


Thanks @zeebe I hope i am still using RW when i am 80 :hushed: there is hope for me yet LOL


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WOW @zeebe, that is awesome!!! (Not that you’re getting support tickets :wink: but that there are many age groups using this software).


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Am i missing something here Lads, but i am not seeing the Podcast for December 23rd available anywhere ???
it is now December 27th !!!

Later:- I have now found Episode 21 on iTunes, it is much better getting the link from this Website, because on iTunes i don’t seem to be able to get any show notes.

Later still :- There wasnt any show notes !!!



The show notes were in the Podcast description.

Can’t have links on the iTunes Podcast.

Wait for the guys to come back from holidays :wink: for the website to be updated


@Turtle cheers buddy :smile:


They are now online, sorry for the delay! You can blame @Ben :wink:


Thanks @dan i was getting withdrawal symptoms without the Show Notes LOL :slightly_smiling:

NB. It would be better still IF, while listening to the Podcast, a new Tab/Page was opened when clicking on a Show Note :slightly_smiling:


Hi i Dan and Ben,
Thank you for answering some of my earlier question posed to you on the podcast. I have a new question that is hard to ask without some background particulars. It’s about security on the web.

I do the website for our local riding and driving (horses) club and members wanted to have a protected list of members phone #’s, addresses, and emails on the website. I used loghound’s Lockdown for the last 2 years and then discovered JW’s PageSafe. PageSafe seemed much easier and just what I needed so I redid the membership page and used PageSafe. When I did this I used a new PDF file of the member’s info and took the old one out of the “Resources”
Now here’s the perplexing problem.
One of our members just contacted me with this:
“Someone just discovered my personal email account after googling my phone number. I did the same to figure out how they found it, and it was accessible via: www.gvrdc.org/resources/9_8_15MembersE.pdf
I see that on our gvrdc members page, there is a link to members’ info. It looks password protected when entered through our website, but I can open the document easily without password when I clicked on the link I found when I googled my phone number. “
The page she is referring to is no longer on the website. That is, that “resource” is not in the current RW file which now has the PageSafe stack. So what is the deal here. Is there no way to remove pages from the “www” when we remove them from our RW website? This is a real problem as it defeats having a secure page on the website. Please solve if you can.


@dan @ben Ich liebe RapidWeaver :heart: :slightly_smiling:

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… retire in Costa Rica sounds good :palm_tree:. Exactly what I’m planning to do after the summer, moving to CR but just not retire yet. Pura Vida