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Can Rapidweaver use Java, or PHP?


Well that’s a broad question :slightly_smiling_face: but the answer is yes. Both php and javascript are often used within rapidweaver projects.

ok thx

As you get deeper into your project and your specific needs (and any challenges) there are plenty of knowledgeable people here that can help. Best of luck.

@danhmill please see that there are differences between Java and JavaScript.

@instacks great point :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for pointing that out.

While I assumed (or misread) JavaScript in the original question. I actually don’t know the answer to the Java angle since I’ve never implemented a compiled java solution (only JavaScript). For the original poster…can a compiled set of Java code be incorporated into a RW project? @instacks any input might help the OP (and I’ll learn something :slightly_smiling_face:). Thanks.

Depends on your server.

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You can use pretty well anything with RW if your server supports it, including Python and Ruby.

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