Older versions of rapidweaver?

I’ve been asked to take over a website built in Rapidweaver. I’m glad to buy the software, but I’m running Yosemite and don’t want to upgrade to El Capitan yet because of some other compatibility issues. Is is possible to purchase a version of Rapidweaver that is compatible with Yosemite? Also, since I don’t know what version of RW was used to build this site, is there any risk that I wouldn’t be able to edit the site using an over version of RW?

Any advice, suggestions appreciated.

Thank you.

what is the extension of the project file? that will help identify version.

Where would I find that? I have access to the web server, but not the machine that created it. I looked in rw_common and found a file called version.txt which has a single cryptic number: 17812

Bad News…
You must have the original project file or you will not be able to edit/change the site. If you don’t have it and it was never saved to the web server (which isn’t necessary for the site to run, but a good idea just for such cases as yours) you are dead in the water as far as changing the site with RW.

Hi Scott – I may be able to get that. But if not, I usually just work in the code itself and don’t use an editor. I’ve taken a look at the files and they don’t seem too bad - Is there any reason I can’t edit the files in my text editor?

There could be several reasons why your “code itself” approach may not work. But it also may. Depends on how simple the original website was and if it used any specialty stacks. This is fairly easy to evaluate if you provide a link to the website URL.

It definitely helps to get the original project file. So I’d suggest trying that. You may need it. Or your basic coding approach may work.

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You could… I guess it depends on what you are doing. but that negates changing in RW forever.

How big is the site? If it’s manageable you could also start over and cut & paste the content into a new project.

Rapidweaver 6 is available here:

Hey Lepan – thanks, but that link doesn’t work.

Matthew – here’s the link to the site:


I’m reasonably competent in HTML/CSS. I didn’t see anything that looked too daunting in a quick look at the files and it might take me as long to master Rapidweaver as it would to untangle the code – but I also don’t know much about RW, so I’m hoping people here can set me straight if I’m being too cocky.

Try this instead


This website can’t be too old. It is built with the theme Foundation 1.7.2, the actual version of Foundation is 1.7.4.
So the project file should be in RW 6 and there should be no problem to modify it.
But you will need the project file!
And you will need Stacks and Foundation in addition to RW.

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Great thank you Barbara and Brian! Brian, that last link worked. I believe I can get the project file from the person for whom I’m taking the project.