Rapidweaver SEO fields vs Sitemap Plus

The SEO Metatag fields in RW 7 are a welcome addition but I am unsure of the overlap (if any) between RW 7 Meta tags and Sitemap Plus. If I use Sitemap Plus, should I leave all the RW Metatag fields blank and vice versa. Meta descriptions added in RW do not propagate to Sitemap Plus (understandably) and vice versa, but is one option better than the other?

Does anyone have some guidance on how they use either/both to good effect? Which one do you think is the best option?


First, if you have a blog, my SiteMap Plus doesn’t work properly with blog in RW7. That would be Alpha List type page in SiteMap. The links are wrong.

Second, the two are not mutually exclusive. Sitemap Plus gets it’s info from the RW meta tags. If you update them using SiteMap Plus then the RW metaTags are also updated. In other words, both are reading the stored value and displaying them. When you update from either one you are updating the one field.

SiteMap Plus is good to use to review all tags even if you use the regular RW form as it’s a nice columnar view and you can see all at once.

At least… that’s my experience. Yours may differ… :slight_smile:

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Yep, mine differs. Writing data to RW metatag fields does not propagate to Sitemap at. Pity, that would have been useful.

Can you use Meta Mate?

Also, did you already have Sitemap Plus installed. I think once installed you need to open, close, and re-open your project for fields to propagate. Or perhaps do a “Preview” then back to edit. I recall having times when it didn’t update but one of those two fixed it…

Thanks mate,
I’m checking out Meta Mate and trying reopen/close etc.

btw… If you don’t know… Original developer quit supporting SiteMap Plus but has since been taken over by YourHead. They freely admit (kudo’s to them for honesty) that it may be a while before they really have support for it. So for right now it’s kind of “on hold.” So it might be “buggy” with RW7.

I don’t think Meta Mate has be optimized for RW7 either. So these “tools” are somewhat lagging behind in keeping up with RW7.

A word about Meta Mate… Under my install of RW7/MM the “drawer” ALWAYS need to be pulled out to see the Meta Data - Look for a thin “bar” on right hand side of window with a dot on it and drag it to the left to open the drawer. It took me forever to figure that out… (Else you assume it’s not working!)

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