RapidWeaver sometimes extremely slow

(Michael M.) #1

When in edit mode, working in RapidWeaver projects is sometimes really, really slow. When I want to change or write sth in the settings it is getting nearly impossible. I write a letter - 1 second wait - next letter - 1 second wait…

I have no idea what causes this problem. I see the problem especially in Foundation projects and it is over several projects. Restarting RapidWeaver, deleting the cache or so will not fix the problem. The problem is a RapidWeaver only problem, no other program has this issue

Do you have any idea…?

(Nik Fletcher) #2

Does this only happen in Stacks pages?

(Michael M.) #3

It’s only in Stacks pages. And it might happen only in Foundation projects, but I’m not sure

(Michael M.) #4

I tested a lot this morning and I conclude that the problem is caused from “Partials“. When I delete Partials from the Partials section the problem will be fixed