Slow FTP with a particular RW file

(Ron Belisle) #1

One of my RW projects all of sudden is experiencing extremely slow FTP uploads. I know it’s not my server host. I contacted them. Also, my other RW files are uploading fine. It’s just this one file.

(Rob Beattie) #2

First thing to check is whether there’s a plugin or stack on the slow site that you’re not using on the fast ones. That might be your culprit.

Otherwise I’d be tempted to save the project under a new name so you’re working on a copy and then remove pages one by one and re-publish all files as you do. This may help you track isolate the problem.

(Ron Belisle) #3

I’m realizing now that the slow down has affected all my RW projects, not just the one that I referred to previously. Checked with my host and they said everything is fine on their end. Checked with my wifi provider (Comcast) and they said everything is okay on their end too.

(Ron Belisle) #4

Even when I save the project to my desktop and then try to upload via Cyberduck or Yummy FTP, there are problems.