Rapidweaver8 closing unexpectedly

Using velum theme from multithemes and project is in construction. Having issues with RW8 crashing while trying to add links to resource pdf’s. This happend several times in a short period of time. Prior to that I had a terrible time moving pdf files into RW8 resource folder. Is the problem with RW8 or is it the theme. Using stacks 4 pages, some pages have paragraph pro and header pro addons. Never had issues with RW7 but was using theme from elixer graphics. Any suggestions? Would be nice if themes were somehow ranked or rated for stability and overall design but probably not possible.

I don’t know what the problem is but seems unlikely to be the theme you are using. May have more to do with the specific PDFs used and perhaps how resources work.

But there’s a pretty simple test. If all worked fine with RW7 and an Elixir theme, why not make a copy of your project. Switch to the Elixir theme you used before. Test out if you still have the crashing. If you don’t have crashing anymore then you know it’s not an issue with RW8, but with the new theme. Again, I think it’s unlikely this is the case, but better to test for it.

One step at a time testing should help narrow down the possibilities.

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