Brand-spanking New!

I am brand-spanking new to RapidWeaver and haven’t done websites in a while. Can RapidWeaver be used by itself to build a great, simple website, or do you need other programs, STACKS or Foundry? Please advise as soon as possible because I am under a crunch to get my site up and running!!!

Yes, you can use Rapidweaver on its own to produce a website. Whether it has enough functionality out of the box, depends on what features you need the site to have.

I think most people would agree that the Stacks plugin hugely increases RW’s capabilities.

I’d start by downloading the trial of RW. IIRC it’s fully functional, but limited to two or three pages.

Once you’ve got your head round that, download the Stacks trial and play with that.

I wouldn’t worry about things like Foundry until you’ve familiarised yourself with the way RW works.



Thank you!

Not had a Mac long but someone convinced me to get one so therefore new hardware.

Have an issue with my mac Finder maybe you could help me with.

Somehow the folders like documents, downloads, etc disappeared. I sort of found them but how do I get them in the finder?

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Learning Finder is going to be important to get the most out of your Mac.

Have a look here


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