Solution for a CMS event list

Hi guys,
For a a website of a pub I need to create an event list for concerts. My client have to be able to manage the list (adding & removing events) by him self.
Each event has a title, an image, a date, a short description.
What is the cms best solution?

Thanks in advance.

People use Total CMS Blog for this a lot.

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Do you know/have any live example that I can see?

But in the Total CMS Blog the title are clickable, right? Because I don’t need to go to the post page, I only need to view the events list (in this case the posts list).

Gsheet by Weavium could do that. There’s an example (No.4) on the preview page that has events in it.

The events are then managed by a Google sheet that your client can manage.

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Thanks for advise. However, Gsheet does not allow you to upload images to the server in order to recover the URL. With Gsheet it must be taken for granted that the images must already reside on the server.

Yes, the image upload would be an issue for your client.

What about WebYep? I haven’t used it, but I’ve heard great things about it. Will Woodgate has made some stacks that work with the CMS. There’s a free demo also.

It might not be as easy as some of the other cms’ to set up.

@Massimo Perhaps a two-pronged solution is to use Gsheet for what it does well and also add Repository by @instacks. This stack is perfect for letting novices upload materials (e.g. images) to their server and getting a link they can use in Gsheet.


Maybe the best solutions for a simple event list are Gsheet+Repository OR Web Yep (Loop stack).


Maybe take a look at the management features of FreeForm Pro w/ EasyDB

I have a few users that build websites for shows in the West End and on world tours. All of the sites for shows that I could think of off the top of my head had past. So their event listing page did not have any shows listed.

Here is one site that has ongoing events that uses Total CMS.

Total CMS is very powerful and probably your best solution for what you want.

You don’t have to make clickable titles in Tcms

List Style:

Grid Style:

These examples have details pages, but that’s entirely up to you to decide. With Tcms you have complete control over what to include/not include and how the events are displayed on different device types.

Hi Joe,
But with Total CMS I can create the list event with the blog feature, is it right? That is not properly the best solution, because for each event I need to display a title, a date, an image and a short description.

Or I’m wrong?



But I can add want I want on the post list? I need, for example, to add a date that is not the date of the post publication, is the date of the event will be (in my case live concerts).

By Default in Tcms you have the following data areas:
Title (permalink)
Extra Content

You can name and use these areas for anything you wish. For Example, you could use (and name)author as “Event Date” You could use (and name) Tags as “Event Location” You could use (and name) extra content as “Event Map” and embed a location map in it.

Edit: you also have the ability to sort, filter and search a blog list (or in your case, an event list)

  • Title: each post has a title
  • Date: each post has a date
  • Image: posts can have as many images as you want
  • Description: there are 3 different fields that you can use for this.

With Total CMS Blog you can use as many fields as you want. Use all of them or just the 4 that you need. People have gotten pretty creative. You can repurpose the blog fields for whatever you want.

Hi Joe, sorry but for me is not very clear what I can achieve whit Total CMS Blog. Is it possible to create a list exaclty as you can see on the attached image?
For each event I need:

  1. A date, but exactly with that style (the date is not the post date of publish but the future date of the event. And the passed event must be not displayed).
  2. A main image
  3. A main title
  4. A short description
  5. Different icons with external links
  6. I don’t want the post page for each event, I only need to display the event on event list. So if user clicks on the title or on the image he don’t have to go to the relative post page.

Are all points above feasible?

I didn’t go to a whole lot of trouble styling wise & it would take some CSS but here’s a quick example:


Awesome! Thanks @swilliam .
I have some questions:

  1. In the content side, inside the Blog List stack is possible to insert also any other Total CMS stack (or also thirdy) or is possible to insert only the child stacks by the “plus” blue button? (see image below)
  2. Can you provide me the a screenshot of the admin side page of your demo event list?
  3. Is it possible to automatically hide posts whose event date (and not the post publish date) has already passed?

Sorry if I bother you with my questions but I don’t have Total CMS Blog installed on my RW so I don’t know what exactly I can do whit it.

Screenshot by the JW video tutorial “Create a blog in 30 minutes with Total CMS v1.4 and RapidWeaver 8”

Total CMS has a 30-day trial if you want to give it a spin.