Re; Horizon Parallax Stack

Headers Don’t Stick???

Does anyone know how to get the stack called Horizon Parallax to allow a header w/ nav bar?

Every theme I try to apply under this stack subordinates its header to the parallax effect. In other words, the header scroll off the top off the page.

I’m not seeing any examples of sticky headers using your stack at the 1LD site. So maybe it’s not possible? At any rate, I’d suggest asking them directly as they don’t visit this forum that often.

Or, perhaps you can have a sticky header with this stack … but you need to use the right kind of theme. Most/all of the themes that come with RW are very simple themes that offer relatively few options. In fact, several of the default stacks are made by developers other than RealMac, and those other developers offer “pro” versions of the same theme which offer many more options.