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Hi, I am using RW Version 8.1.7 and I’m using Foundry on a Mac and have published my website I have added a blog page but it appears that once I click on the Read more… button under a blog image and I read the story, I can’t get to the next blog entry or back to the main list of blogs without leaving the blog page. Everything else seems to be working fine. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Perhaps a setting that I have missed?
Thank you in advance. Most appreciated!!

Hi Lydia,
I don’t think you will succeed with the default blog plugin inside Foundry. Foundry is relying on stacks, and the default blog plugin doesn’t allow stacks to be used.

If you are interested, check out Poster Stack, which allows what you are searching for.


There’s also a specific Foundry-friendly blog called Alloy which is sold by the same developer as FFoundry.


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Thanks Jannis, I’ll check it out. This is helpful.

Hi Rob I will go check Alloy out. Much appreciated!!

Poster stack worked for me thanks for the suggestion!


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