Trunk8 ignoring text formatting

Using @Doobox ‘s Trunk8 for the first time. And it’s mashing all of my text together ignoring new paragraphs and return key line breaks and even “< br >“ Codes. Is that normal? If so is there a work around to make separate paragraphs?

From Doobox
“In edit mode Trunk8 could not be simpler, because it looks and behaves exactly like the default text stack that ships with the Stacks plugin. With one exception. Do not expect to be able to use HTML inside the stack. It purposely strips out any HTML it finds so not to break the entire page.”

Sure I understand, no html. But if it “behaves exactly like the default text stack” why are there no line separated paragraphs when I create text in Trunk8 while there ARE line separated paragraphs the default text stack?

Paragraphs and line breaks are actually HTML, the noted exception to a default text stack.
Trunk8 is designed to display small snippets of text. The reason it was built was primarily this scenario:

imagine a 3 column layout, with an equally sized image in each column. Below each image is a very short text description. But each description is slightly different in length.

Ideally to keep a perfectly vertically aligned layout, each of the text descriptions should be restricted to an exacting number of lines of text. This is what Trunk8 does.

Ok Now I understand. I assumed it worked like the Blog “read more” truncate. Not at all useful for my website needs. Didn’t notice this limitation when I purchased it last night. :thinking:

Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck might be more suitable if you want a “read more” link in the stack/paragraph.

Thanks I have just downloaded it… It does seem to fit the bill!

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