Realmac Software Subscription Charge?

Greetings, I’m not finding where to contact RealMac billing privately.

I recently got an unexpected charge on my cc bill from RealMacSoftware. When I called the number listed with the charge I immediately get an automated message saying, “If a charge appears on your credit card and you do not recognize it, please visit” When I try to visit that website, it directs me to another website (that looks like Apple) but all kinds security warnings start popping up.

Is this a scam?

I don’t remember signing up for a subscription but I’m starting to wonder if this is somehow a subscription charge. If so, shouldn’t a notice be sent out prior to a charge appearing as well as a legitimate phone number and website listed with the cc charge?

Any ideas as to what is going here?

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Holy cow. This is what your link looks like. This is the scammiest scam I’ve ever seen.

That’s exactly what I thought! But that’s where I’m directed when I call the number associated with the RealMacSoftware charge on my cc.

Hi all,

Can you share a screenshot of where you’re seeing this number? I’m wondering if it’s an outdated number from our payment processor in some random directory - certain banks curate info from different databases.

We have a 3rd party payment processor, FastSpring, who most likely has this incorrect #. We do not offer telephone support. Either way, I want to let them know about this to protect our (and their) customers.

If you email me I can sort out and make sense of the renewal and give clarity. Our licenses do automatically renew each year, sam day you initially subscribed, but we can sort you a refund if you’d like. Some folks have reported not receiving the heads up we send a few days before so I understand it can come as a surprise.

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Aaron, I just sent an email with attachment to you at


as this is a public forum I cant tell you how I really feel about scammers like this with out getting blocked. To use such vocabulary is regarded as not mixed company friendly.

oh that is easy to spoof