Rebuild stack library from disk clone

I was forced to rebuild my hard drive and re-install Mac OS X 10.12.1 - this has left me with Rapidweaver not showing my stacks - despite me copying them over to the users/application support/Rapidweaver folder.

Grateful for any pointers that can be given on how to copy over my stacks from my back up (clone disk) to my current disk.

thanks in advance


What version of RW are you using?

My apologies for not mentioning it - I am using RW-7, Version 7.1.7

  1. Choose “Show Stacks Library in Finder” from the gear menu (see screenshot).
  2. Drag your stacks into this folder.
  3. There’s no step 3. :wink:

Hi Isaiah - good to see your incredible response time has not diminished since I last needed this type of advice! :slight_smile:

I have gone and accessed that folder and dragged the contents of the same folder on the cloned disk into it - however it has not resulted in me having access to all my stacks.

Not really sure why - but was hoping someone might have a solution for me.

thanks in advance


  1. Are you certain?
    Stacks 3 has lots of prefs on how stacks are organized/sorted/ordered. This leads some new-to-stacks-3-users to misplace things.
    Just make sure and scroll through the whole list to be sure.

  2. Restart RW
    I’m guessing you’ve already done this. But, you know, just saying it to be sure.

  3. Let’s have a concrete example
    If none of that works. Let’s take a specific example rather than working on the problem in generalities. Tell me a specific stack that isn’t working. Send me a copy (in a private message) and I’ll try it out here too.


Hi Isaiah,

thanks again for the prompt response.

I have restarted it and I’ve tried to exactly duplicate the container folder in the library by copying everything in that folder across to the new folder.

It’s not that the stacks don’t work - it’s that they don’t show up in the stacks drawer. - I’ve been going through all my old receipts and trying to re-install those that I still have receipts for and in some instances have had to re-purchase the stack (sure those awesome stack developers are happy with that) :slight_smile:

I’ll keep trying - not sure how I’d replicate the scenario in a PM to you - but I do appreciate you trying to help me.


Not sure what you mean by that – but i’m betting this is where the issue lies.

The folder structure should look like this:

RapidWeaver > Stacks > each of your stacks

The “Stacks” folder should be right next to Stacks.rapidweaverplugin inside your addon folder.

If there are other folders in there or things are named differently then they’ll be ignored.

Hi again,

You have nailed it spot on - I will rebuild this folder and start it again and see where we go.

Really appreciate you helping out like you do Isaiah - Thanks again!