Rebuilding a very old - and large site

I have a site that has stopped working, as the PHP version has been updated. The site uses a theme that no longer works, and an early CMS (web-yep), that is a partial cause of the PHP problems.

The site has approximately 150 pages. Almost all of them have several CMS components.

I have some ideas on how to convert: 1. move to another domain with an old PHP version or 2. rebuilding the site manually.

I’d really welcome ideas I may have overlooked.

As for rebuilding vs an older PHP, you are going to run into the same problem more than likely with other hosts down the road. You didn’t say what release you need or have of PHP.
Have you thought of updating WebYep?

It’s open source and still supported.

They also have a WebYep User forum.

I don’t know how you have incorporated WebYeb into rapidweaver?

@willwood has a WebYep stack you might have a look at.

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Hi Doug, I just found out about Web-Yep2. I’ll ask their crowd one updating from v1.7 to v.2.

WebYep1 required PHP 5.5, I have PHP 7.x

I have never used Web-Yep, so I’m afraid I won’t be much help to you. I have heard good things about it, hopefully, someone else can pitch in. I know Will Woodgate has some info on the page link above.

Thanks Doug. I’ve reached to Will, and also to the web-yep people. I’ve also conducted a test on my system with WebYep 2, and I think I can get this to work. I’m nervous about data files but so far, so good.

I got a good response from Will, as well as the web-yep community. I was able to download and install WY2, copy the data folder from WY1, and so far, the site is back up and running…


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