Recover a Project from Time Machine

I have tried to recover a project from my Time Machine backup but I can’t find it. I searched for the .RWSW and it found this,

But where are my projects?

If you are using RW6 the project files are .rw6 and for RW7 they are .rw

If you search for those they should turn up.

The .rwsw extension was or RW5.

Brilliant! so easy but only when you know how.
Thank you for your reply.

If you highlight the folder the projects where in, then Enter TimeMachine, then look through the folders going back in time, at some point the projects should show. I believe that’s the proper way to look for them in TM. When you see the files you want, select them and press RESTORE.

And if the enclosing folder is gone just view the folder that one was in and at some point it will show in TM along with the files.

I believe that is the intended way to TM.

Thank You Greg,
With the information I now have I am able to recover my projects from my Time Machine backup.

Glad it helped and thanks to Greg for the TimeMachine instructions. I had overlooked mentioning that.