Recovering my web site

Stupid I know but stuff happens.
A couple of years ago I made myself a website - lots of pages and pictures etc.
Been working fine but now I need to change it and somehow or other the Rapidweaver 6 production files have disappeared from my hard drive.
I have all the files of the web pages but is it possible to ‘reverse engineer’ the rapid weaver files from that ?

in short, No. Without the project files you can’t open it in RW. Your only option will be to start with a new project and paste the content in.

Oh bu**er !
Had a nasty feeling that would be the case.

But in the back of my mind I had a memory of one of my early web site applications having just that ability.
Think it was pre-Rapidweaver though and I never had a reason to try it.

I’m too old and stupid to do it all again :confounded:

You’re never too old. There’s several of us in here in our 70s. :blush: If you don’t at first succeed – you know how it goes…

What kind of changes do you want to make? Do you have a url you can share?

My web site was which was fine - hadn’t been updated for a while and as I am cutting back on work now I didn’t feel a need to update it much. However I still work (not quite retired) and need to have some sort of online presence.
Last week the domain names were “sunsetted” by CentralNIC the registrar.
So in desperation in bought a new domain and simply transferred all my files over to it.
The site looks fine now and functions okay BUT there are some little problems: there are links within the website that point to other assets stored originally on the webspace and the contact links point to and
My problem therefore is to find every link that doesn’t work (mainly contact page ones I think) and generally tidy it up.
So my functioning URL is

You can edit the html files to change a link using your ftp software or any text editor. But RW won’t know about these changes (if you ever do find your project).

Here’s a list, This should help you track them down.

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I used SiteSucker to pull down the files and TextWrangler to do a quick Find and Replace.

It replaces with in the following files:

  • wedding.html
  • social.html
  • services.html
  • clients.html

Here is a link to the updated site files.

@swilliam’s image also shows that you have a google map that needs to be fixed on the about page. That probably is something that requires an update to your Google Map API settings.



If you want you can use those html files and copy the content into a RW project while using the Blank theme from Joe Workman. as long as the file names and destination are the same you will be able to edit the content in RW and then publish to your server. You could even integrate a CMS like Easy CMS so that you could edit it online. If you are using Stacks you can copy the html into multiple HTML stacks and move them around the page or add new stack to your content.


Thanks Scott that’s very helpful.
I am impressed you found all those links
Will get onto it as soon as I can get out of the studio.
(I’m a lousy web designer but I’m still pretty good behind a camera).

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Thank you Brandon Great job - once again I’m indebted to all you guys out there.
So I just need to find a free day to work my way through all of that !

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