Redirects with webconfig

This isn’t rapidweaver related but wondering if any of you know… I’m looking to redirect a few URL’s on a site that I don’t own but have access to the Control Panel. It is done through ‘Plesk’ and, instead of an htaccess file, it appears there is a ‘webconfig’ file.

Does anyone have experience with this? I did a bit of googling but didn’t really find something related (that wasn’t very old).

I need to redirect a handful of URL’s that would be something like and move them to


And why don’t you want to use htaccess? - Most hosts have a redirect tool in the control panel but I believe most of those simply add the redirect to the htaccess file.

Also… I believe Plesk is just control panel. All my hosts have cpanel installed so that’s what I’m used to. I believe Plesk is just another “cPanel” alternative.

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Not that I don’t want to, but there’s a webconfig file already there (and populated with other commands) so I don’t want to do too much messing around with it. I’m doing this on behalf of a colleague on another team who’s web developer has long gone away and I said I’d have a look.

I actually hadn’t heard of ‘webconfig’ before yesterday when I googled ‘redirect URL in Plesk’.

The control panel does have a “add a domain alias” option, but I’m not sure that it is intended for what I’m trying to do…

.htaccess files are for Apache (Unix/Linux) web servers only. Its is a local Apache directives file and can be turned off. Apache recommends limits use for .htaccess for performance.

Engine-x (Nginx) also runs on Unix servers and does not have a .htaccess file and does not have any local directives file by default.

IIS (aka Windows Server) does not have a .htaccess file.

The web.config file (is there a dot in your file?) is a main Web configuration server file for

Plesk is a front end and has functions similar to a cPanel.
Don’t know a lot about it but here is a link to there help center:

I never have used plesk but this might help:


Thanks very much for the info @teefers and @1611mac. I was able to find a workable solution. If anyone stumbles upon this, this is what worked for me:
<rewrite> <rules> <rule name="Sample name here"> <match url="^" /> <action type="Redirect" url="" /> </rule> </rules> </rewrite>

(You can put multiple ‘rule’ statements if you have a handful of url’s to redirect)

This is the page that got me sorted (though I used Redirect in my action type instead of Rewrite):

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