Yuzoolthemes Register Stack Not Working

Has anyone been able to get the Register stack from Yuzoolthemes to work? Tried getting support from Yuzool, but their response was not helpful and now they won’t respond. There is some issue with index.html vs index.php, which is not in their “how-to” install instructions. Yuzool’s suggestion:

Looks like you are using index.html for the homepage?

Does index.php exist?
It’s not change the link to index.html?
Or change the homepage to index.php is the best solution

Their suggestions result in my pages not displaying properly. The logo and headers do not display–it’s just text and links (like the sitemap) and the email sign up is at the bottom of the page (where no one is going to bother to scroll down to see it. Frustrated.

When I go that page I see a logo and a banner image. There’s also a ‘download Denise’s new ebook’ panel at the top right. When I click that it takes me to the Register sign up page. I didn’t test it but it looks as though it’s working up to that point at least?


Yes, Bob. It works up to that point. It’s when you input the email address that you now get a 404 error message (because the url is www.mybenefitsall.index.php and I my site does not include this url–it does not exist).

If I add index.html to the link and input an email address, my page does not display a logo or header and looks like a sitemap with just text and links (but the stack works). If you test it you will see what I’m referring to.

It’s possibly/probably just a typo in your post but, just to make sure it isn’t something less complicated - have you checked Page inspector settings and confirmed the proper url?
The link should be www.mybenefitsall.com/index.php, not the www.mybenefitsall.index.php as you have typed above.

(Again, ignore me if it’s just a typo in your post).

Thanks. It’s just a typo on my post…

None of this explains why the stack doesn’t work according to the how-to instructions provided by Yuzool. These instructions don’t mention index.html versus index.php. And changing my homepage to index.php from index.html screws up the look of all of my pages.

Has anyone been able to install the stack and get it to work according to the how-to instructions provided by Yuzool?

I got it working on a test site when I reviewed the stack for Rapidweaver Central, but the site’s not there any more.

If you use an FTP program to look at the site, do you have both and index.html and an index.php files on the home page?

There is no index.php file on the homepage. I viewed all of my files on Bluehost, did a search for index.php, and there are no index.php files.

Did you get it to work based on the instructions that came with the stack or did you have to do anything behind the scenes or that Yuzool does not share with its customers?

No there’s nothing Yuzool doesn’t tell people. In the review I said: "There’s some behind-the-scenes setting up that needs to be done and we’d recommend you follow the instructions on Yuzool’s site very carefully. Even so, we think that new Register users would appreciate some more screen shots showing how best to configure the signup and results pages along with some more more examples of how best to set up the paths, name the pages and so on. We’re reasonably confident with stuff like this and it still took us a couple of goes. "

To be clear, when people have sent in the form the results page you’re trying to re-direct them back to is the home page?

Have you tried setting up a dedicated separate results page to see if that works?


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Bob, thanks for trying to help me out. I really appreciate it. However, I am going to have to strongly disagree with the, there’s nothing Yuzoolthemes left out.

First, I do have a separate Results page (this is how a set up the stack from the start).

Second, the stack does work if I add index,html to the link (as per the instructions I got from Yuzoolthemes via email after I contacted them to say the stack was not working). There is absolutely no mention of having to add this extension to the link in the stack install how-to.

Third, even though the stack technically works when I add this unmentioned (in the how-to) extension to the link, once you input the email address the page does not display properly and is unworkable.

I’m requesting a refund from Yuzoolthemes. This has taken up so much of my time. My birthday was this week and I had to deal with this… I set up PO stack by JW. I’m not a big fan of his and his how-tos are also poorly written but at least I got the stack to work, Unfortunately, it does not have the email notification feature that Register has, which is why I bought it. Annoyed.

Do you have screenshots of your settings (of the stack and of your homepage/redirect page)? Not trying to belabor the point if you’ve decided to move on but it’d be easier to troubleshoot…

Thanks for the follow-up. I have moved on and am now using the Post Office stack. Which, ironically, was easier to set up than Register even though it requires a database.

However, here are a few screenshots… Changing my homepage to index.php is not an option because none of my pages display well when I do this. Again, there was nothing wrong with the set up. I did exactly as Yuzool instructed and the stack works but the page display is a problem (as I stated before).

Unfortunately, as a new user of this forum, I can only put one image in a post…

I just found this post… and i have had the same problem with this Register stack. I tried all, but is just does not work. Yuzoolthemes hardly try to help out. I took already more than a month to get some answers from them. So i also invested in another solution, the Post Office Stack. A solution that works… without any problem.

But here is a thing that worries me.
I asked Yuzoolthemes to refund.
I got a stack that did not work, and also the service in helping me out with the problem to solve was very very bad… very slow (months).
I had to resend my emails several times before getting an answer from them.
After also 5 times asking for a refund they offered me another Stack of their series.
But i do not want any of their products any more because of the above reasons.

So what to do now?
By my opinion Yuzoolthemes does not belong as deliverer here at the Rapidweaver community.
Their service is just not on a level that we as client can expect.
I lost my money and a lot of time.
I had to invest in another solution.
So i hereby just want to share this.
I am also thinking in a solution, like a rating system for Rapidweaver developers?
Than we maybe we can choose the right solution from a developer with a good rating.

Rating an entire developer catalogue on your experience of one stack purchase seems unfair. Especially when some developers have support staff that assist them - it isn’t always just the developer - and when not all support interactions are all alike.

I think it’s better to leave it to each individual stack and you can review using specifics, not sweeping developer approval / disapproval.

I’ve had good purchase history and support history with Yuzool but I don’t have the register stack.


I’m still getting the silent treatment from Yuzoolthemes after requesting a refund… They supposedly have a money back guarantee with no questions asked, within 30 days of purchase.

I’m writing off all Yuzoolthemes products also, which is my right. One very bad experience (wasting hours and days and having your requests for support ignored) is all you need to rate a developer poorly. In business it’s not what you get right but what you get wrong that matters. You don’t need support people who are not having issues.

And defending Yuzoolthemes doesn’t help those of us who are having problems installing it as advertised.

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It’s certainly your right, and I empathize with your struggles (and not trying to dissuade you, just saying it hasn’t been my experience. If I could help with your troubleshooting I would but I don’t have Register).

I’m just saying that, for the Rapidweaver Community as a whole, I think it’s more useful to rate stacks individually with specific feedback is more useful than sweeping developer denouncements.

If you were to submit a review, for example, describing the lack of detail in the instructions (and your issues with support) would be more useful, in my opinion, than saying that people should avoid Yuzool altogether. The only review currently is that it is “Hassle free!”.

And my point about the support staff is that, for example, if you were to denounce Joe Workman as a developer because you had a bad support experience with Zeebe regarding a certain stack, that doesnt seem fair or useful if someone in the future is trying to decide whether to buy an entirely different stack from Joe.


I’m going to have a go at making it work again tomorrow and will report back, if I can.

I’m convinced it’s just a simple (!) issue with understanding how the paths work - but looking at the Yuzool site, maybe it could do with some more examples of different setups. I recall getting confused when I was trying to use Cruftless links and couldn’t quite follow the steps as a result.

There used to be a great little plug in called Client Edit which had a super little PDF manual which went to great pains to deal with various file/folder path setups and I found it tremendously useful.

I’ll have a go tomorrow when I’ve got a clear head!


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Thanks @robbeattie for this and yes you are right - just a case of a simple path error so it’s recommended to put everything to do with Register (sign up and thank you pages) into the same folder to make it simpler. Once done this 99% issues are fixed.

Appreciate your review on the Stack before:


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You are replying to someone who is still trying to get your stack to work but hasn’t yet provided proof that he has and how to (specifically) replicate those results, but you cannot reply to me and others who have requested a refund… Your website states that you offer a 30-day (from purchase) money back guarantee, no questions. I requested a refund for the Register stack within seven (7) days of purchase and have yet to receive a reply from you.

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