Reinstall Rapid weaver

I have been as a novice using RW over 5 years. I am moving my RW7 to a reformatted iMac HD because of that memory problem Apple told me not to restore from Time Machine Back up; but to bring files individually over time to determine which may be causing the problem.

Here are my two sites:

I have succeeded in reinstalling the RW7 (want everything working right before WR8) but I get the message: “Project Theme is Missing The Volante theme that this document uses is missing. If you open this project, RW will apply the Offroad theme. Are you sure you still want to open this project? when I try to open a file (

Looking at my back up drive find files with the extensions like .retheme, .rw, Rapidweaver 7-1log,

I know I also had Stacks and a couple other add on but don’t remember their names.

*Detail files I found when searching for .RW on back up drive:


Atlas.rwtheme [4 each]

Hemmer -extracontent-3colum(html).rwsnippet [This is one of my websites. There are 7 of these with different recent last opened datesdates]

RapidWeaver 7-1.log [also 7-1 & 7-2]

How do I put this and what other files together??

I’m at a loss and don’t need all the help I can get.

Thank you


How are you “bring files individually“?
RW7 allows you to place the addon’s folder anywhere you wanted so it could be any place.
If you didn’t change the location try looking here:

~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver
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