Reload updates every time

Following a Mac problem, I had to reinstall Rapidweaver and the stacks. Since then I have to reload all updates every time I open Rapidweaver. There are 44 updates that I have to restart and if I check “update all” Rapidweaver quits after a few reloads. I have to throw them one by one.
Does anyone have an idea of the origin of the problem or a solution?

I don’t believe that problem has been seen before at least while I have followed the forum.
It sounds as though you may have (perhaps) a problem with multiple add-on folder locations?
Mine is in
Users/XXX/Library/Group Containers/P97h7FTHWN .com.realmacssoftware.rapidweaver8rapidweaver/Library/Applications Support/addons
I don’t understand why I also have a rapidweaver7 folder there too (it has always been there!) but make sure your preferences are pointing to the folder where you installed it…

Thank you for your reply.
My add-ons folder locations is indeed “Users/XXX/Library/Group Containers” but I have 3: (in which are all addons) (which is empty) (which is empty)
Do you think I have to manually move the “addons” folder from the first ( ) to the last ( )? I’m afraid of screwing up…

If you have a backup you will not screw up.
I would make a backup of my work, either using Time Machine or Carbon Copy Cloner.

Then it’s possible to simply move the Addons Folder to the realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8 folder without the worry of screwing something up. And you must also update the location in preferences where you moved the addons folder to.
I think this should solve your problem but if anything were to go wrong, you can either drag the addons folder back to the original location OR restore from your backup.

There is no reason not to have backups, you can find cheap SSD’s or HD, new or used.

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I moved the Addons folder…nothing helped. In desperation, I uninstalled Rapidweaver (along with CleanMyMac) and reinstalled from a fresh Realmacsoftware download, to make sure I got the correct version.
I reinstalled all the stacks (and these are not copies, I bought them all) but again, I have to reload all updates every time I open Rapidweaver.
And worse now when I want to see my work, I have this message which appears “Notice: fread(): read of 8192 bytes failed with errno=21 Is a directory in /Applications/RapidWeaver”
I do not know what to do… :sob: :sob: :sob:

I would not use CleanMyMac as it could be problematic.
There are reliable Mac 'maintenance" programs like Onyx but I wouldn’t use the one you cited.
Have you tried contacting RW support about your issue as this may be something @isaiah could resolve?

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no, I didn’t know. I will send him a message. Thank you very much for your help.

Did you remember to update the new location for your addons in the Rapidweaver preferences?

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Yes :sob:

Thank you very much for the link @isaiah
He found the solution. I had to restart everything, but I hadn’t completely erased Rapidweaver.
I removed everything with “AppCleaner” (useful… and free, but you can donate), cleaned everything, and restarted Rapidweaver, and each Addon one by one… launching Onyx from time to time, and restarting regularly… a few hours, what
But it works.
Thank you for taking the time to help me, and for giving me @isaiah’s link, I really appreciate it and I felt less alone, I was desperate. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


Good to hear!

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