Where have all the files gone? Life after the crash

The bad news is that my late 2011 MacBook Pro finally passed away a few days ago. The good news is that I have removed my old hard drive, and repurposed it as an external drive.

Here’s where you come in: where on the old drive are all my themes and other Rapidweaver add-ons?

I’ve got Rapidweaver up and running, but when I try to load my websites, no dice, man. It doesn’t know where my themes are.

But you do, right? Where are they? How do I reinstall them?

Thanks in advance.

Which version of Rapidweaver? I think different versions store things in different places.

As Rob ( @robbeattie) said it can depend on what version of RapidWeaver you are running, and on the latest versions you have the option to move the location.
You should be able to search for the add-ons folder with finder.

Here’s a article on the latest release:

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Thanks for your input.
I had updated to RapidWeaver 8. I believe I have now solved the problem by doing the following:

  1. Open RapidWeaver from my OLD drive, not the new one
  2. Go to Preferences, then to Addons
  3. Click “Export Addons Directory,” which creates a Zip file
  4. Save the Zip file on the NEW drive
  5. Quit the RapidWeaver that was running on the OLD drive
  6. Open RapidWeaver on the NEW drive
  7. Open the Zip file
  8. Presto Change-o!
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Glad you got it back! You might want to look into “relocating” the add-ons folder to an easy to find location.
I put mine in a sub folder of documents, a lot of other folks place it on something like Dropbox so they can use them from multiple Macs.

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iCloud sync works well. I put all my files in Documents folder and I can get to them on any device. Of course I use Time Machine as a second backup as well.

Thanks. The problem wasn’t a failure to back them up, but a failure to know where they are stored.

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